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He would tell me stories about himself as a kid and how fortunate we were, and that really drove me to be the best that I could be. So I had to self-motivate.

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It was always Plan A. Jackson 5 to Backstreet Boys: You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again. Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly. Leave A Comment Uh-oh! Don't have an account? An email has been sent to you. Email Address Please enter a valid email address. The boys "mansion sit" for Gustavo when he goes away to check out a new boy band called The Windmills.

Gustavo reluctantly allows the boys to mansion sit, but they must follow his rules or be fired. What the boys expect to be an easy task turns into a "big time disaster" when things don't go according to plan. Knight feels less needed with Kendall and the guys away, so Katie helps her mother by pretending to be sick.

Knight, Eric Nelsen, A. In a flashback, the severely injured boys tell how got beaten up so badly. They had their very first photo shoot as Big Time Rush, however, with Gustavo and Kelly doing community service for vandalizing Matthew McConaughey 's mailbox, Griffin took over and made them "space matadors with stuffy puppies". Meanwhile, Katie and her mom are determined to get the autograph of teen hunk Dak Zevon, a possible Zac Efron parody.

When Zevon's security guards are mean to Katie, Mrs. Knight gathers Dak's fans and tries to barricade the door to Dak's recording room. The boys learn that Gustavo is taking the day off, and are relieved to finally be able to spend some time apart. Logan is determined to get into a math lecture taught by Danica McKellar parody Phoebe Nachee , but is disappointed to find that the lecture is at an all-girls school. Carlos panics when he realizes that his helmet is missing, but gets a surprise visit from his policeman father, played by Erik Estrada in parody of his own role on CHiPs , who accompanies him to retrieve his helmet.

James spends his day off trying to launch his acting career, with Camille's help. Kendall is desperate to spend time with his crush, Jo, but is discouraged when she continuously reminds him that she has a boyfriend. Katie finds out that Jo does not have a boyfriend, and tells Kendall, who is determined to get the truth out of her. The boys want desperately to remain in Los Angeles, but will be forced to head back to Minnesota if the record company does not approve their CD.

Griffin's daughter Mercedes pretends to be the one who picks the demos. They discover that the demos are picked by a chimpanzee, and try to bribe it to pick theirs. Knight tries to become assistant manager of the Palm Woods, to stay there for Katie's sake. The boys find out that they are not invited to their own party at Rocque Records, and decide to throw their own in the Palm Woods, but are threatened by Mr.

Bitters with eviction if they do so. They instead call the party a 'social gathering', which there is no rule against, and agree to invite three friends each. The party turns huge when Carlos mistakenly invites the entire contact list of his phone. Bitters hears the party, but Kendall and Jo divert him away from finding it. Camille and Mercedes both claim Logan as their date, and Logan tries to spend time with each without the other finding out. Gustavo tires of paying for things the boys break.

Carlos becomes Gustavo's production assistant, while James attempts to become a model, with Katie as his manager. Logan and Kendall start a babysitting service, but find it more difficult than expected, and eventually make the kids wash cars. Carlos has trouble when Gustavo's automated coffee maker, C. The boys repay Gustavo, but the problems they cause at their jobs cost more than the boys earn, and Gustavo is stuck with the bill.

The boys must impress Deke, a well-known blogger whose words can control their career. Gustavo hires people to train the boys to have a good "Day with Deke", but Deke writes an unfavorable review, and the four must get him to change his mind before he posts it. In a Twitter parody, Gustavo gets into trouble when he gets a "Scuttlebutter" account and tries to send a Scutbut that he hates brussels sprouts, but instead types that he hates Brussels as in "Brussels, Belgium".

Gustavo moves in with the boys at the Palm Woods when his mansion floods, but the boys don't want him there, and will do whatever it takes to make him leave. Bitters try to prove that there is a ghost in the Palm Woods, while Logan tries to prove them wrong. Knight, David Anthony Higgins as Mr. King and Rachel DiPillo as Rachael. As each looks for his perfect date, they face the pressure of their first live performance. Kendall and Katie attempt to find a date for their mother, who will settle for no one less than the supermodel Fabio. Jo is upset that Kendall forgets to ask her to the dance.

The Jennifers reject all the guys who ask them, including Carlos, but then all pick Carlos as their date, with the requirement that he appear as three different personas.

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Logan can't find the courage to ask Camille, and James inadvertently asks out numerous girls in his attempt to help Logan. Fabio Lanzoni as himself. X, David Anthony Higgins as Mr. Gustavo believes that the boys are bad luck, and tells them to stay away from Jordin Sparks while she stays at the Palm Woods and records at Rocque Records. They try to protect her, but accidentally push her into a well. Kendall tries to help her, but Jo catches him and thinks he is cheating on her.

The boys duet with Jordin to record "Countin on You". Meanwhile, Gustavo and Kelly receive a package from Gustavo's rival producer "Hawk" with a skunk inside. They must get rid of it before it sprays the entire building. Bitters, Phillipi Sparks Jr. The boys find out that James has "Hollywood fever", when he continuously uses a tanning-spray that ends up turning his skin orange.

Gustavo tells Kendall, Logan, and Carlos to fix James, or he will replace him. The three try to get rid of the tanning-spray by chasing him around with water-guns, but Carlos catches Hollywood fever from the Jennifers. Guitar Dude gives Logan a set of bongos and tells him to chill out, and Logan catches the fever, leaving it up to Kendall to get his friends back to normal. Meanwhile, in a massive heat wave, Katie sets up a snow-cone stand at the pool, at which Bitters tries to force her give him a part of the profits or shut the stand down. Camille is leaving the Palm Woods unless she gets an acting job, and the boys promise her, along with Jo and everyone else at the Palm Woods, a part in their upcoming music video.

The boys decide to make the video themselves, with Marcos del Posey directing. They film a video for "City is Ours", using Mr.

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Bitters' stolen car, and include Jo, Camille and all their Palm Woods friends. Gustavo likes the video so much that he buys Mr.

Bitters' car, and gives it to the boys. On the eve of the album release, Griffin cancels the album, tour, and concert, and forces the boys to return to Minnesota. James doesn't want to leave the music business, and joins Gustavo's archrival, Hawk. The boys come back to Los Angeles and hold an audition to replace James, but can't find anyone. James returns, and they prepare for the concert. The boys return from their six-week tour triumphant and tired, and must catch up on the schoolwork they missed, to maintain their grade averages and attend Rocktoberfest.

Kendall and Jo's relationship is put to the test when she lands a part in a new television series, New Town High , and must make out with the male lead, Jett Stetson. After having to endure an entire day of Kendall's paranoid overprotectiveness, Jo tells Kendall that he should forget about her, but after Kendall leaves an apology on her phone, she holds an "I Heart Kendall" sign as BTR sing "Til' I Forget About You" at their concert. Challen Cates as Mrs. Disaster results when the boys ignore advice not to give promises or personal information to fans.

Dangerously clumsy hometown friend Jenny Tinkler shows up when Carlos promises her that the boys will help her achieve her dream of fame, and her accidents get them kicked out of the Palm Woods. A young fan befriends James, then locks him in the basement and assumes his identity. Death Smash, "the world's most destructive band", is unhappy about the broken air conditioning in Gustavo's studio, and threatens to cause more damage if it is not fixed. Logan and Camille finally become a couple, but their relationship, along with Logan's friendship with James, is placed in jeopardy when James kisses Camille while helping her prepare for a movie audition.

Gustavo wants the boys to sing a breakup song, and hires an actress to pretend to be Carlos' first girlfriend, so Carlos can learn a lesson about heartbreak. Kendall and Jo's schedules keep them from seeing each other. Bitters and Mike Carlucci as Jo's Driver. I Know You Know, Boyfriend. The boys are scheduled for their first television appearance, on the local morning show A.

When it looks like they will be bumped from the schedule, the four do whatever it takes to make their TV debut happen. Katie becomes addicted to a DS game that battles a shebeast. Gustavo and Kelly must pass a test to keep their studio location, but Griffin rigs the test against them. James is a vampire, and in love with a Buffy -style vampire slayer Jeanine Mason , who tries to slay him. Logan is a zombie who keeps losing his limbs, and has to devise a plan to keep Lightning from biting his body parts off. Carlos is Franken-Carlos, and Kendall is a werewolf who is trying to hide his real identity from Jo.

Griffin tells Gustavo that the boys cannot perform on his "Big Night of Fright" unless he turns them into "normals. Jo's publicist wants the press to think that she is dating her co-star Jett, so she and Kendall must keep their relationship hidden by going on dates in disguise.

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  • Carlos and Katie name themselves Robin and Hoodie when Bitters overprices their favorite snacks, and the pair try to find other ways to get their Fruit Smackers. James and Logan try to buy and resell sneakers. The Palm Woods' annual prank-day contest becomes a battle of boys vs. Logan hurts his eyes when his prank backfires, and becomes Dr. Hollywood's assistant for the day. Gustavo and Kelly's prank-themed day escalates into minor destruction and violence.

    The prank war ends with Kendall and Katie as champions. The boys are excited about their holiday trip to Minnesota, but hours before their flight, Griffin insists that they record a Christmas EP, and will not let them leave until it is done. Knight attempts to avoid a luggage fee by packing presents and clothes, and Katie tries to give a Scrooge-esque Mr.

    Bitters some holiday cheer. Special guest star s: Kelly and Kendall team up to help Gustavo return to his regular, angry self before the New Town High producers find out that there's a problem. A "Swagger" app that Logan downloads to his phone increases his swagger, but decreases James' so much that James almost "dies" from low swagger counts. Carlos panics when told by the parrot who's advising him that he has 24 hours to live. The horrified Carlos hides in the bathroom of the apartment. Kendall and Jo help Carlos find a date. Logan flirts with a new girl, Peggy, while confused about his feelings for Camille.

    James tries to help Katie get closer to her new crush, Kyle, but acts like an overprotective brother instead. Logan wants to get back together with Camille, but she goes on a date with Steve. In the end, the boys all go alone to a movie they had planned to see with their dates. The boys make a deal with Griffin that, if they have a number one hit, they and their Palm Woods friends can have a party at his Malibu beach house. Jo is on a film shoot, and Kendall arrives alone. A crazed fan named Sandy claims that she is Kendall's girlfriend and tries to 'steal' Kendall from Jo.

    Who is james maslow dating

    Sandy posts pictures of Kendall and herself, which makes Jo very jealous. James believes that Annie Gage Golightly , a girl who saved him while surfing, is a mermaid. He tries to prove it with Camille's help, but falls in love with her. Katie attempts to become Russell Brand 's manager, and Mrs Knight attacks the boys with suntan lotion. Griffin is releasing the BTR deluxe edition album. Gustavo hires songwriters who only fight, and Gustavo has to write the song himself. The boys want to write a song, but Gustavo won't allow it, so they get Katie to distract him by opening a health spa in the Palm Woods.

    Kendall and Carlos write a song named "Oh", and fight with James and Logan, who prefer their song, "Yeah". They combine the songs into "Oh Yeah", which Griffin approves. Griffin turns BTR into a reality show, and allows an audience vote that will eliminate a member of the band. To keep audience interest, Carlos and James fight nonstop, while Logan and Camille fake a melodramatic relationship. Kendall attempts to unplug all the cameras, after one catches him off-guard at the Palm Woods pool.

    In order to get the show cancelled and keep the group together, the boys must prove to Griffin that a reality show is a bad idea. BTR seek advice from Gustavo's first boy band, Boys in the Attic, whom also were destroyed by a female group. Meanwhile, Katie and Mrs. Knight try to find good friends. Cymphonique Miller as Kat, the lead singer of Kat's Crew. Fred Tallaksen as Mr. X, Challen Cates as Mrs. In a class Earth Day competition to win a week without school, Kendall is partnered with his enemy Jett. Logan is teamed up with the school bully, and is forced to do all the work for his project.

    Carlos and James work together and, after finding that all their ideas are already taken, decide to put a cow in every apartment. Kendall's last-minute idea to put energy-waster Jett in a box wins the contest. To Kendall and Jett's dismay, they must speak to the governor, and thus must spend an extra week together.

    Marry, Date, Dump: Big Time Rush

    Knight, Tara Strong as Ms. James' mom, nicknamed the "Estee Lauder of the Midwest" for her successful cosmetics line, arrives at the Palm Woods to bring James home and groom him to take over the family company. The boys must act fast to save the band, and need to stand up to a woman who is not used to being told "no". Lisa Rinna as Mrs. Brooke Diamond, Challen Cates as Mrs.

    Sylvia Garcia, Holly Wortell as Mrs.

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    • Carlos takes one of the Jennifers as his date, but mistakenly dumps her, and the Jennifers team up to destroy him. Jo is grounded, and Kendall sneaks her out of her apartment, but they get caught by her father. Logan is jealous that Camille is going with someone else to the prom, so he tries to make sure that James and his date will be Prom King and Queen. James and Logan are voted Prom King and Queen: Logan wins King, while James is Queen. Jo is offered a role in a film that is shooting in New Zealand for the next three years.

      She tells Kendall that she cannot do the movie due to her New Town High contract, but Kendall and Katie find that she can be released from the contract if offered a part in a major motion picture. Meanwhile, James and Latino pop star, Selana enter a three-day whirlwind relationship, while Logan and Kelly join forces to separate Carlos from his beloved hockey helmet after Gustavo demands that he not wear it anymore. Kendall tries to get Jo to break up with him, then convinces her to take the role.

      After her limo leaves, the boys realize that Kendall and Jo forgot their signature "goodbye kiss", and rush to the airport for a proper goodbye. James, Carlos, and Logan help Kendall cheer up after his break-up with Jo, so he can get prepared for the band's new single.

      Kendall tells them that they can't know what he's going through because they've never had their hearts broken, so they each date a girl from the Palm Woods just to break up with them. James dates the Jennifers, then gets upset when Blonde Jennifer ruins his perfect "never-been-dumped" record by breaking up with him, instead of vice versa. A heartbroken Carlos dates 'red-shirted girl' for "the best 12 minutes of his life. Katie, who's writing a school report about Gustavo, helps him think of a song idea. The King plans for his daughter to marry one of them. James inadvertently proposes marriage to her, and the boys try to free James.

      Kendall, Logan, and Carlos enlist the help of the King's 'dirt boy', who is the one the princess really loves, to ruin the wedding. Katie discovers that Buddha Bob is a Canadian immigrant who is about to be sent back. She convinces her mother to marry him so he can stay, and Mrs. Knight finds that Buddha Bob would be a good husband. It is discovered that Mr. Bitters is no longer qualified to perform marriages, so the wedding is invalid. Eighteen-year-old rocker Lucy Stone moves into the Palm Woods, and James and Carlos compete to see who she will choose as her boyfriend. Lucy agrees to date both of them, but gets them to break up with her in order to put them in the 'friend zone'.

      They tell Lucy that BTR will be on the morning news, then make the news by performing their new song "Paralyzed" on top of a bus parked in the middle of a busy downtown intersection. While rehearsing for her role in an upcoming movie, Spy High , Camille takes things too far, and steals all of the money from the safe in Bitters' office. Malese Jow as Lucy Stone. The boys take a stand against Gustavo's harsh management style, which includes electric shocks, and refrain from recording a song for their follow-up album. They write a list of requests, but Gustavo doesn't accept.

      Gustavo attempts to get a new band and modify their vocals to sound like BTR, but the boys thwart him. They plan to get their fans behind their cause by uploading a music video to the web, but the only song they have the rights to is "The Giant Turd Song". Katie says that being a mother is an easy job, so Mrs.

      Knight goes on strike, and leaves Katie to do the household chores. Katie admits that being a mom is hard work, and Mrs. Knight pressures Gustavo into meeting some of the boys' demands. The winners include Bobby, a demanding young boy who develops a crush on Katie, and Bruna, an outgoing older woman who has never heard of the band.

      James constantly switches dates Jennette and Tiffany who are the other two contest winners with Carlos, as he continually feels the other girl is better. At the final party, Katie dances with Bobby, Bruna invites her young niece, Muriela, to be Logan's date instead, and Jennette and Tiffany both go with Carlos while James spends his time at the buffet. Hawk steals the only hard-drive containing Big Time Rush's second album, and gives the songs to Zwagger, a new band that he's producing. Gustavo, Kelly, and the boys go to Hawk Records to retrieve the hard drive, but are caught and sent to jail.

      Kelly bails them out, but they are warned that if they are seen near Hawk Records again, there will be no bail. They assume super-hero personas, and go back to get the drive away from Hawk. In a Ghostbusters parody at the Palm Woods, Katie helps Buddha Bob rid the Palmwoods of a persistent clog that once shut down the building for a year, and appears ready to do so again. Knight and David Anthony Higgins as Mr.

      Who is james maslow dating now

      Obligated under the "best friend code", James discovers that Heather is at Colossal Studios filming a commercial. Heather gives Carlos a note that says that she likes James, and Carlos passes the note on to James. Logan is worried when Lucy notices Kendall sneaking away with Camille sneaking off together, but finds that Kendall and Camille have been learning to figure skate, and that Kendall wanted to keep this secret from the other hockey players.

      Gustavo and Kelly become obsessed with trying to get Mrs. Knight's recipe for snickerdoodles, which Mrs. Knight claims is a family secret for those over 21, but turns out to be a store-bought mix. The boys sit down for a major Hollywood interview. They recall their greatest moments and reveal pictures and secrets. Michelle Madison as herself and Challen Cates as Mrs. After a big fight, the boys decide to move out. Kendall is determined to convince them to move back to their real home and make them realize that no fight is worth losing a friend over.

      Bitters and Challen Cates as Mrs. At the airport, an M16 agent pursued by British agents switches Kendall's backpack with his identical one, which is revealed to contain an evil gravitational device.

      The boys team up with the kidnapped MI6 agent's daughter, Penny Lane, and promise to help save her father. Their tour director wants to cancel the tour, while Gustavo and Kelly try to save it, but secret agents tell them that BTR want to take over the world. The boys meet with the villain, Atticus Moon, and escape with Penny's father and the backpack. Moon's spies kidnap Katie, and the boys drive Penny's spy-van into Moon's castle to rescue her and defeat Moon.

      The British government then helps BTR save their world tour. As the movie ends, the boys leave with Penny and father in the spy-van. Filming for this season began on April 3, On their last day of their "All Over the World Tour" , the boys want to learn how to change costumes faster, so they can break a record.

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