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Results were similar to that of the states. PFAS testing is in its infancy, and we are limited in what the laboratory equipment is able to detect. As testing methods continue to be developed, the reporting limits of these tests have improved. In previous testing using the EPA Method , the detection limits were in the 20 ppt to 30 ppt range. Detection limits are now as low as 2 ppt. As laboratories improve methods to better detect these compounds, we will continue to monitor our results and publish them. Our test results showed what was expected: PFAS-related compounds have been in use around Lake Michigan for decades and a very small amount is present.

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We will continue to aggressively sample and test our water in accordance with state regulatory requirements and release our results. We also will continue to use the best available methods and technology in our water testing. If you have any questions about our results, testing or anything related to your water, please contact or Interested in seeing the areas we serve?

We keep a map or our retail customers and wholesale customers. Are you looking to determine the water pressure at a specific location?

Public Water & Sewer Usage Bills

We can provide this information by testing the flow of nearby fire hydrants. Request a Flow Test. Find out exactly what's in your water. We release a water analysis every year. Skip to main content. Water Bills Pay a Bill Looking to pay your water bill? Lake Michigan Filtration Plant. The Consumer Confidence Report is available.

Water and Sewer Rates. Requirements A new policy allows us to replace lead service lines at no cost to homeowners. The policy applies if your home meets these requirements: There is a leak on the lead water service line Your home is within the limits of a water main replacement project Property Requirements Must be a residential property family dwelling Must have lead water service verified by a City of Grand Rapids Representative If you meet these conditions, you can qualify to have your lead service replaced.

Leaks, Emergencies, or Service Disturbances Make sure the water service leak qualifies as an emergency. City Projects We call and send you mailers when there is an upcoming City project on your street. Voluntary Lead Replacement Line If you don't meet one of the two service line conditions, you can still have your lead service line replaced. The City will replace the lead service line on the public side of the service at no cost to you.

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Contact us at for more information. Notify me of new posts via email. Typical gestapo at Georgetown township. They have their beautiful city offices on the backs of the tax payers. So glad we moved out of that township.

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  • Departments;
  • Online Form.
  • Apply for a Water-Sewer Connection Permit.

Wow, looks to me more like government tyranny. Some people deserve to be slaves. Me and the majority of residents who do not want contaminated water. I just bought a home in Georgetown township last June and had no clue this was coming, it was never mentioned during our purchase or by any Georgetown official that welcomed us. Georgetown township should have to pay a majority of the bill if they want it to be mandatory, especially since they are always showing how much money they have to waste with all the new sidewalks and roads being done!

This is how all townships in michigan act.

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There is No balance of power or checks and balances to these townships and their boards. Always, record your conversations with these liars. Do not back down. Stand up for your rights.

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  • Gaines Charter Township Water & Sewer Department.

Townships do not own your private property. Townships are not an HOA. Apply online for a Water-Sewer Connection Permit. Expect to hear from us within business days. We'll email you to confirm receipt of your application. Keep in mind that you might need to revise your application or attachments if we notice any missing or incorrect information.

When your application is approved, we'll notify you of the fee amount.

Water/Sewer Fees

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for online payments. Download the Water-Sewer Connection Permit. We accept Water-Sewer Connection Permits by mail or in person from contractors. Property owners applying for a permit need to return their completed applications in person.

Apply for a Water-Sewer Connection Permit

We don't accept emailed or faxed applications. For mailed payments, we accept check or money order. For in person payments, we accept cash, check or money order, and Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

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