Lee taemin and son naeun dating

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Chorong "With our innocent concept I will bring out the inner young boy in the oppas. There was a suggestion to call it the hip dance, and I suggested the ideal dance.

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But my idea was rejected, and the hip dance was chosen. We even went to the top of Bokhan Mountain. She always exercised meticulously. Compared to when I was the skinniest, I even gained up to 7kg. She is showing how much effort she put in.

TAEUN STILL DATING??? Taemin wears silver rosary bracelet on November 2018.

She inspired the other members. It was the only program we never missed an episode of. There are so many things we could learn from these sunbaenim.


As we were watching, we were all grabbing our stomachs and dying. We are very satisfied with just that. She has a charm that makes the viewers nervous too. The production crew creates the atmosphere and concept really well. I was a little taken aback too because I wore a wedding dress twice. My parents were a little taken aback too. But the members make fun of me calling me Son Married Woman.

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I wanted to when I was very young. But as I began to work, I think I started to desire this. I agree with all three above.


Who is Taemin’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Taemin of SHINee

I see it's possible with Eunji too. Whether it is the guy friend who approached her a while ago or someone else She has already received lots of hates. But I don't want to see this going to a different path. Or Chorong is possible too.

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If you all remembered, SNSD started to reveal their relationship early It was either Sooyoung they revealed, a few months later it was yoona or vice versa, i don't remember the order. After 7 years going on 8th , these kinda of news or rumors are needed somehow? SNSD, seems that the team has been protecting their maknae all these years. Every member has dating news or rumors except Seohyun.

I used to be a fan of her so i heard that the members as well as SM are trying to protect her or her image like it's their selling point And they were once asked before if one member dates would they reveal it, Chorong was the number one who said, NO. FOR ME only, it won't be her. Whether or not it's the same guy who confessed to her recently.

As long as my pandas are happy, then I'm IN. I believe Plan A knows how business works already and if they're covering this up so much for Naeun then possibly one of the members is really dating.

Idols + Dating = Scandal – Random Rambling

But it would be too unfair for that member dating to be revealed that she's get to be revealed while protecting the other member. But IF EVER one member is really dating for real except Naeun muffin and gets revealed then we can say the other silently dating all these years coughs! But I can also say that Plan A won't be reckless in revealing this early?

Too precious for my Panda heart. For those who aren't familiar with Heechul and Hayoungie here's a video. Heechul likes Hayoung, maybe for a good gamer or dongsaeng And I loved that episode in Knowing Bros when Heechul didn't know what to do when Hayoung retaliated on his lines to women. Hayoung even said that he likes a man who only likes her she wasn't Naeun's roomie for nothing after all but since Heechul likes every woman.. Oh yeah Onew's enlisting T. I think if APink had one of the members revealed to be dating someone, then I expect it'll be along these lines.

The relationship is relatively recent or has gone on for a maximum of a year or two. I feel like in Naeun's case, she's not going to have her dating life revealed and therefore lower her marketing power - the harsh reality of being an idol and the single life Doesn't Dispatch have a series of rules in which they won't reveal couples if they have a long and successful career and if there's an intention to get married?

All things random and Kpop…. or both

Taeyang and his wife got revealed but they married this year so idk. I'm glad Taemin actually have time to play with his friends, and I'm glad that he went out with trusted friends such as Jongin, Timoteo and Ravi. I agree with number 1 point. The relationship must have been a year or two. Number 2 point, the guy BF has achieved numerous approval from the public already as an artist.

I don't even think the BF is a non-celeb. If he's an actor, then I guess it will be a lot more accepting. It ain't Bomi and Taejoon, right? He has Shinhye already.

Idols + Dating = Scandal

I am with you on that! Naeun's dating life will be the least revealed dating news of an Apink member. One, many people already put a line that no one else is attached to her name all these years, only Lee Taemin.

lee taemin and son naeun dating Lee taemin and son naeun dating
lee taemin and son naeun dating Lee taemin and son naeun dating
lee taemin and son naeun dating Lee taemin and son naeun dating
lee taemin and son naeun dating Lee taemin and son naeun dating
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lee taemin and son naeun dating Lee taemin and son naeun dating
lee taemin and son naeun dating Lee taemin and son naeun dating

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