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To me, pregnancy and dating were both hard enough on their own, combining the two seems like mission impossible! Kudos to these brave women who aren't willing to let their bumps get in the way of their pursuit of love.

Pregnant and Dating!

Let's get real for a minute. Of course men are going be intimidated—and flat our scared! So many single moms I know have a hard time finding men who want to date women with kids as it is, but if they think the mom is just looking for a rebound replacement dad, they're likely to bolt before you can say baby. Don't get me wrong. There are some advantages to dating while preggers: Many women find that they're at their most beautiful and confident when they're expecting.

Skin has that natural glow , so you're radiant and alluring. Having a special connection with the little one inside you plants a permasmile on your face and so you appear more approachable to the opposite sex. And because you want to create a stable life for your bun in the oven, you're less likely to fall for the Mr. Right Nows, because they just aren't good enough to be around your precious angel.

Pregnant & Dating: A Good Idea?

But there are a lot of downsides too: You may hit a point where you're having some self-esteem crashes, and can then become extra needy, fishing for compliments to boost your ego. You might look around and see women with flat stomachs and hate every last one of them, while simultaneously coming off as a crazy jealous person if your new guy talks to any other person with a vagina. Since your hormones are raging, you might cry for no apparent reason I know I did! These are all major red flags for most men.

Oh, and burping and passing gas? Not so cute on a first date! Swollen feet and hot flashes? So my advice is pregnant date at your own risk. Sure, you can find the man of your dreams, and then you know he really loves you for you—which is like winning the Lotto! This person has no problem dating four women and "juggling" them so they don't find about each other. I am sure he is also not planning on sticking around once these women have their babies either. Which, is a good thing for them really. It is simply amazing what men will do for sex. They have no qualms about cheating or any care that someone may, and most likely will get hurt.

I would love for all 4 of these women to find out and gang up on him.

Pregnant & Dating: A Good Idea? | Parents

She is my 3rd pregnant gf. I don't think I'll want her anymore unless she gets pregnant again right away. Obviously, the first two pregnant girlfriends gave birth, which is why he is now on his third pregnant girlfriend. While attraction is a part of a relationship, it seems that many of these men care only about the sexual attraction and nothing else. It is hard not to feel sorry the poor unsuspecting pregnant woman.

She probably thinks she has a great boyfriend, who cares about her even though she is carrying another man's child. When in all reality, being pregnant is the only thing he likes about her. This confessor wonders "why are pregnant chicks so hot? Screw a skinny chick I want a nice big 8 month along pregnant belly in bed with me.

He says he likes the "nice big" belly, so why not find a girl who isn't pregnant and has a belly. Then he won't have to bail on her because she will not be giving birth!

I know this is not how it works, and them being pregnant is part of the allure, in addition to the big belly. It just seems that this fetish leaves a lot of women getting broken up with and hurt, during a time which is supposed to be happy. This guy has some serious issues. He gets so excited by pregnant women that they can even be related to him! It won't turn him off at all. A lot of men get the appeal of a pregnant woman, and many share his passion for them.

I feel as though not many would go so far as to be attracted to a pregnant family member. A nonblood relative would be ok, maybe, but still weird. This guy made it pretty clear, however, that no pregnant relative is off limits, and will get him pretty excited. Not only that, he says it is all he can think about.

So not only are his relatives fair game, pregnant women consume his thoughts. He might want to seek some professional help. This confessor thinks that pregnant women are the freakiest out there. He prefers them over anyone else. Now, it does make me wonder what the heck kind of freaky stuff these pregnant women have done for him? And where on earth is he finding them? There must be a Facebook page or listings on craigslist for men seeking freaky pregnant women.

Personally, I felt my least desirable when I was pregnant. Which meant I was not down for doing a whole lot of freaky stuff. So kudos to all the pregnant women who like to get freaky!

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Reading these confessions have made believe these women will have no problem getting a guy. For a few months anyway! She either ends up losing the baby or going into labor. I always change my number or block them by that time. He is stone cold. No breakup here, not even a text, he just ghosts them and moves on to the next poor sucker just looking for love.

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I hate when people ghost others. If one can't be man enough or woman enough to break up with someone, then they are obviously incredibly immature and should not even be around other adults. This confessor is just pathetic. All items of criteria must be met. This is how I envision a personal ad written by this whisper confessor.

He is a man who knows what he wants, and despite the fact he can't even spell the word "blonde" correctly, he still feels he is deserving of his detailed criteria.

Dating while pregnant: What it's like to Bumble with a bump

In all seriousness though, he sounds, by far, way less creepy than those we have listed so far. That is until we finish reading his confession, "they do things no one else will. Gross is the word that comes to mind when reading this confession. My general thought on men who love pregnant women is this, they're gross. Not for being into pregnant women, far from that. It is simply how they speak about them and describe them, that is what disgusts me.

This man confesses that "I stalk pregnancy chat rooms to hit up pregnant chicks. They always know how to make me feel good. He is just out for a good time and wants to be made to feel good as well. So while hitting up the pregnancy chat rooms, he isn't hurting women or leading them on saying he will be there for them after the baby is born. He is dealing with his fetish in a healthier manner than many of the other confessors on this list.

A little chat room dirty talk and confidence boost never hurt anyone. Those women in those chat rooms also probably want a confidence boost as well, and to have someone make them feel good about themselves. I've also never dated someone who wasn't pregnant. I think I may have a problem. Well, sir, I must say I agree. It does sound like you have a problem. The first step is admitting it and then go about correcting it. He definitely doesn't sound as bad as the other fellas on this list.

There is definitely nothing wrong with liking and being attracted to pregnant women. When a fetish hinders the ability for a normal and healthy relationship then it really is a problem. It takes on the appearance of addiction, more than just a fetish. Perhaps all of these pregnant lady lovers should start a support group.

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  • Then they could figure out how to stop hurting these women who they adore so much. Pregnant women really really turn this confessor on, and he refuses to date anyone who does not have a big baby belly. He is by far the nicest sounding person to make the list so far. He isn't talking about he ditches them which it is implied I suppose , nor how he is attracted to his own pregnant relatives, or how he just likes pregnant women so much he keeps knocking women up, thus having a bunch of baby mamas.

    No, this is a simple confession, with a simple thought.

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