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Spiritual maturity levels that differ within a marriage can be challenging to the marriage. I used to think that as long as two people are Christians they would be able to work out any problem they may face in life. We all have individual relationships with God. We all have a varying understanding of the scriptures, and we all have different life experiences where spiritual things are concerned. To think that we will meet and eventually marry someone who is exactly our spiritual equal at the time of marriage is quite a long shot. How do you handle a situation where you and your spouse are at different levels of spiritual maturity?

When a genuine love is conveyed, understanding takes a back seat to trust. The same is true in a marital relationship. If my wife were spiritually more mature than I was, the genuine love that she has for me would make me more open to learning, accepting, trusting and adopting the spiritual wisdom and knowledge she has that I may lack.

When it comes to being a good witness for Christ, most people think that they can take off their witnessing coat at the door when they get home. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nothing speaks louder than a good example and no place is tougher to be a good example than at home. Make your home the primary mission field in your life. Although your mission may not be winning the lost, exhibiting the love of God, teaching His ways, and training loved ones in the development of good spiritual habits, while imparting the love of Christ to those closest to you is just as important.

Nothing opens eyes and endears one to another more than love. Love is the key to winning the lost, and love is key to helping those in your household who may not be on your spiritual maturity level to see you as someone who they can model after as you model after Christ. Patience on your part will go a long way toward helping them grow into spiritual maturity. As the spiritually mature partner in your marriage, I encourage you to teach without teaching.

Allow the circumstances of life to become your laboratory. It's not all about shouting hallelujah.


Singles Q&A: Evaluating Spiritual Maturity Before Dating

Both of you are of the SAME religion and that is far more important than at what level each of you operates at. I am going to start using the word religious instead of spiritual because they are not necessarily the same thing. I have learned that being too religious can be a detriment in marriage if earthly things are not taken care of.

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A LOT of ministers have super religious wives but super low intimate lives. It's out of balance. Of the super religious women that I know, over half of them have unsatisfactory marriages or husbands that would not stay with them. Their percentage of success in marriage is worse than the non-super religious women. That says something if you look at honest truth. My father had a saying, "you can be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.

There are quite a few very religious women that I would in no way want as my wife.

Warning Signs in Dating Relationships

Even if they were gorgeous I still would not want them as my wife. I am a pastor. I want a spirit filled woman, but I want a full woman. Often, the super religious won't take care of their body. They let themselves get completely out of shape and thus become unattractive to the husband.


Worldly women will exercise and know that they need to remain attractive to the husband. I sometimes wonder if this is a big factor in the higher divorce rate among Christians. We depend upon God to do many things that we are responsible for. I also pondered why? It's probably because they have overly religious wives that have forgotten about the earthly things and have let the church substitute for the joy and feeling they should get at home. At at recent Pastors conference that I attended, they focused on marriages among the clergy. Believe me, even the pastors had problems with their wives being over active in church and under active at home.

If your future husband is in church, seeking God and moving in the right direction, that's sufficient. Make sure that when you get married, fulfill ALL of the earthly requirements as a woman. He needs a wife, not a preacher.

If you are more interested in your relationship with Christ than your date is.

Let the preacher be the preacher and you be the wife. Your future husband seems to have great qualities, at least you are pleased with them which is the most important part. Even with his spiritual walk you state: He is a wonderful man and is eager to learn and grow. When you say that he is not "there" understand that no one is really "there" not when you really know the details of the situation.

I am not "there. The disciples of Jesus were perhaps some of the most devoted and sacrificial men of history. They gave up all and even sacrificed their lives. Yet, Jesus said, "oh ye of little faith" so many times to the disciples. They were not "there" yet. Don't worry about him being "there" as long as he is progressing.

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  • I think you both will do fine but remember, don't forget that you won't live the vast majority of your lives in church. Be careful of generational patterns, especially if the answer to the question, "Were your parents and grandparents happy couples? If the answer to that question is "no," there will be a strong generational tendency to reproduce the same thing in your marriage. It will come under the guise of spirituality but in reality it is not spiritual, it's a generational curse masquerading as something spiritual. If you are not careful, very careful, but most of all aware of it, it will repeat itself.

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    They pass from parent to child to grandchild. The specific answers to your questions: Never expect that of him or you will be severely disappointed with any man, and vice versa. No, he seems to have the qualities of a very good husband and you love him.

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