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It is considering introducing a triple-rear-camera system to its flagship model, which would succeed the iPhone XS Max, the people said. Adding a third camera only to the Max though would be a major change from the XS and XS Max, which are differentiated only by size. Meanwhile the LCD model is likely to be upgraded to a dual-camera system from the single camera on the rear of the XR, they said. I would think the decision between a single-lens and dual-lens camera system for the XR successor XRS? But Apple lags behind its rivals in the number of rear cameras. Last year, Samsung released the Galaxy A9 with four rear cameras.

This is such a bad take. Just counting the lenses on the back is no way to measure the quality of the phone as a camera. Although I do often write short programs for text munging, I typically resort to that only if the problem requires more than just large-scale text editing or if I expect to be repeating the process several times. And even then, I usually start out by playing around in BBEdit to see what searches, replacements, and rearrangements need to be done.

Why use Excel for date transformations when scripting languages all have extensive date libraries? What Drang describes above is my process too. But even when I do write a script to automate some sort of text munging, it inevitably starts with me working out the regex transformations step-by-step in BBEdit. Even worse, people who are thinking they should start using regular expressions often hear about this great book on the topic and have a natural reaction when they see it: My recommendation for a tutorial is the one I learned from over 20 years ago: I believe it was largely written by a young guy named John Gruber.

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Long story short, until BBEdit 6. The regex syntax it describes will work in just about every current programming language or text editor. Blow Pops were more my thing — some good hard bubble gum was a genuine treat to look forward to. I miss details like this — I just love that some folks at Apple put time into making a single button look extra cool.

And I just learned a new word: Apple Pay has some anisotropic effects on iOS And when you send cash in iMessage, the dollar amount has a similar effect. These effects are anisotropic, like the button in the iOS 6 Music app, not based on real world lighting. My gut feeling is that iOS 13 will bring some of this back, bring back more depth and texture to the UI.

Burrough has another demo video , and an article making the case for why this is a good idea. Simeon, co-creator of the amazing iPad coding app Codea:. Codea is our iPad app for creative coding. Autolayout takes care of many of these issues thanks, SnapKit. It might even be two. I realised six months ago as I was using my Mac, using the menus, that I need these things — menus — in Codea. I was trying to solve a problem that has been solved for decades.

Do not miss their follow-up post, which has several videos showing their menus in action. Fantastic attention to detail in how they look and feel. What it comes down to, I think, is that the menu bar has become a vastly underestimated foundation of desktop computing. Once heralded, the menu bar is now seen as a vestige.

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Something like this is desperately needed as a standard interface element on iPad, and I think could work on iPhone too. Putting aside a debate regarding the overall flatness of iOS 7—12, iPad popovers just look wrong to me. They should look a lot more like what Codea is doing with their menus. The two-finger tap to Undo was first released in Procreate 3 for iPad back in , but we actually first developed it for Procreate Pocket. We went through dozens of designs until we realised we should treat the entire screen as the Undo button - resulting in a simple gesture that could be invoked any time, anywhere.

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Take it, use it, and give your users the most instinctive Undo and Redo method available. Two-finger tap is really great for drawing apps. They considered nine variables, including how distant any putative aliens are likely to be, the sensitivity of telescopes, how big a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum they are able to scan and the time spent doing so. Once the numbers had been crunched, the researchers reckoned humanity has done slightly better than Dr Tarter suggested. Rather than dipping a drinking glass into the ocean, they say, astronomers have dunked a bathtub.

The upshot is that it is too early to assume no aliens exist. Nervously, I gave a bounty hunter a phone number. He had offered to geolocate a phone for me, using a shady, overlooked service intended not for the cops, but for private individuals and businesses. Armed with just the number and a few hundred dollars, he said he could find the current location of most phones in the United States. The bounty hunter sent the number to his own contact, who would track the phone. More specifically, the screenshot showed a location in a particular neighborhood — just a couple of blocks from where the target was.

The hunter had found the phone the target gave their consent to Motherboard to be tracked via their T-Mobile phone. These surveillance capabilities are sometimes sold through word-of-mouth networks. Verizon did not respond to a request for comment. To say this is an outrageous privacy violation is an understatement.

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This data should not be sold to anyone, period. This is no better than if the carriers let people pay to listen to your phone calls. Honestly, for me and my family, our location data is more private than the content of our calls. Speaking of a fresh pair of eyes looking at a long-standing desktop OS , my son got a PC for gaming over the holidays. Windows 10 is — really something.

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Windows 10 does have a new, simpler UI for in this case power settings. Perhaps all these features are there too. I know those features above inside-out, know which have been there since Classic days, which have just arrived, and yes, which can be flaky on occasion. It is to perceive a clarity of intention through design, maintained over decades of updates. I loved this piece.

I see a lot of complaints about the state of the Mac from long-time Mac users. I think of a lot of complaints about the state of the Mac myself. Just getting the basics right goes a long way. When people ask me what features of BBEdit I use, I can mention Markdown tools and syntax support, which I use for writing stories like this one.

Jason and I are very similarly inclined this way. I was curious what the hell he used Excel for, but it turned out to be the sort of thing Excel or Numbers — I stopped understanding how Excel works years ago is perfect for. I guess I have a philosophical question. You guys are committed to low price points and you often beat the industry at those price points. Actually, we should have a beer and have a long, long chat about that. This is a cutthroat industry.

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I need to cover my cost. And their products tend not to do creepy stuff like this. People get annoyed by any undeleteable third-party app, but Facebook is particularly problematic because no one trusts them. And who thought this was a good idea? A friend suggests this might be about India and countries in southeast Asia, where not everyone has an email address, the Google Play Store is not ubiquitous, and apps are often installed via sideloading and are often of dodgy origin.

The South Korean firm also said profit would remain subdued in the first quarter due to difficult conditions in memory chips, but that the market is likely to improve in the second half of the year as customers release new smartphones. A look at the most beloved notebook in Mac history, the inch PowerBook G4.

The inch PowerBook G4 has come up a few times on my podcast recently. Hackett captures the appeal of it so well. We made this little tribute to one of our favorite people ever in the world of comedy, the one and only Bob Einstein. Banktivity offers a slew of features and connects directly to over 10, banks. It tracks your spending, your debt, and helps you budget your money and plan for the future. If one of your resolutions for the new year is to better organize your finances, you should start by downloading Banktivity.

They offer a free trial and a day money-back guarantee, and they have a special offer just for DF readers: And these are company-wide numbers. So if high-margin services revenue is growing but overall company gross margins are stable at 38 percent, that means their margins on hardware products like iPhone are actually shrinking.

Manish Singh, reporting for VentureBeat:. Earlier this year, the streaming giant enabled iOS users in more than two dozen markets to bypass the iTunes payment method as part of an experiment. The company now tells VentureBeat that it has concluded the experiment and has incorporated the change globally. Existing members, however, can continue to use iTunes as a method of payment, the spokesperson added. This is a big deal. Netflix is the top-grossing app in the App Store in the U.

They might remain the top-grossing app, even, because users who have already signed up with iTunes billing can keep doing so. What gets me, though, are the rules that prevent apps that eschew in-app purchases from telling users in plain language how to actually pay. Apple should be earning its share of in-app subscription revenue by competing on convenience, not confusion and obfuscation.

Tap that button and you get the option to call Netflix customer support over some VOIP system, not a real phone call. He told me I need to go to netflix. Kilts in The Onion, The skull will take around two months to preserve and members of the public can watch the team working on the rare fossil at Jamie's Fossils Galore museum.

Once the skull is complete, it will go on public display, along with many of Mr Jordan's other extraordinary finds. Mr Jordan believes that previous finds from the site are from the same skeleton and now plans to excavate further to see if he can find more of the animal's remains. The palaeontologist was also part of the team which discovered a rare million-year-old Iguanodon skeleton in a Surrey brick quarry in The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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