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For a while, he provided base security at one of the most sensitive CIA bases in the region. On other contracts, he often had to accompany reconstruction officials to meetings with Iraqi counterparts. Carter recalls one night where he believed that there was a good chance that he wouldn't go home to his wife again. There were some limited benefits from the company, but we got no veteran's credit.

That was a big downside. We were getting murdered on medical insurance. Couldn't get any life insurance back then," recalls Carter. There were contractors in the early days who saved up money, put their kids through college, or paid off the mortgage, and came home. It wasn't the kind of job that many people took on thinking they could do it for 10 years. But there was another big drawback once they were home: Every day they are a part of something that matters. Every day, I sit behind a desk and do nothing. I used to be working along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan doing operations that the military wouldn't do - and now I come home and I have to answer to some boob about what I'm doing.

It's such an emotional and mental letdown. I'm literally rotting," says Carter. But if he went back now, depending on where he went, there could be even more dangers. It's been a point of contention since Blackwater guards shot and killed 17 Iraqis in a Baghdad traffic circle in Given the unwelcoming position of the Iraqi government toward U.

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There were important differences between himself and the stereotypical idea of a mercenary, he says. He made an effort to integrate with local communities, and became friends with Iraqi and Afghan colleagues with whom he keeps in touch. But it still comes down to money. Serving as a soldier in the army must be fairly easy on your conscience — regardless of what you think of foreign policy, the decision to go to war was taken by a vote of elected MPs, you are supposedly protecting British interests and there may be some kind of humanitarian element, however misguided.

But when you are a PMC doing it for the money and working on behalf of a corporation, does that make pulling the trigger different? The sector boomed in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, cashing in on outsourced operations and legitimised by the large contracts given out by the US government.

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Blackwater, the infamous US private military corporation whose employees opened fire on Iraqi civilians in September , killing 17 and wounding 20, has gone through two name changes. And second, as a result, some were being involved in more and more dubious scenarios. Their security function had expanded into the area of what we would consider to be private military operations, and they were being used almost as a mercenary force in conflict zones. Fast-forward 10 years and the UK government has explicitly said it is not interested in any form of regulation [of private security companies], just self-regulation.

The thing about the mercenaries, which we know from memoirs of those who served in Iraq, is you have no chains of command, you have no control over what they do. The private military and security industry is highly sensitive to criticism of this kind. The Security in Complex Environments Group was set up to develop standards for British security companies working abroad, and has representatives of giants in the industry such as G4S and Olive Group, as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, on its executive committee.

But it is voluntary.

There will be some who decide not to adhere to it. How can you govern what they do? If a client is prepared to take a risk by using a private security company that is not regulated, that is a matter for the client. That is absolutely not the way British private security companies are currently operating. There are a couple of UN working groups looking at this issue, but they are struggling to get consensus. I've checked the marriage records and there is nothing for his name. And I've seen his id so I can certify its him. Okay, you just gave me a new post-massive-lottery-win dream.

Instead of getting a pilot's licence and small plane, it's going to be a black helicopters set up to give off "chemtrails" as I fly around trolling people. I think what most people are implying is that he doesn't go anywhere and that the portable GPS will prove that. You are in denial of whats happening, he Is not a contractor, he is either married and you are the side piece, he's involved in crime or both. He is not who he says he is. Source-my entire team contracts.

Contractor Life: Confessions of a private security contractor

Be decisive about it and lay down your concerns and call it off. He also has tattoos where he wouldn't normally be able to have them in the military.

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Is anyone familiar with the rules on that for private contractors? You have a lot of doubts about your relationship. Now some tats can be waived. Google the requirements based on his service branch. If they were waived then they should be okay. But certain ones are disqualifiers for enlistment.


Who wouldn't doubt this situation. Im from a small town and I met this guy on vacation. He says that he's a civilian contractor. Which is why the terms are longer. Its just such a hard thing to believe that I've found myself in this situation. Tattoos are on the hands and neck. You call the shots. You just have to communicate. What made him to be in a relationship with you in the first place?

He definitely has money so it matches in that aspect. So he has nothing to do with the military and he has no military experience. He said it's considered high risk or something like that.

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I'm not sure what's keeping him in this situation other than we both connected really hard on vacation and wanted to keep it going. In order to get a contracting job like that, you would have to have experience. Your guy sounds like a security guy who sees the engagement downrange. Cut your losses early.

I have no time for bullshit. I mean it could be a possibility but I highly bout it. He doesn't seem like a cartel member. He doesn't seem to be that type of person but I mean like you said it's a plausible explinatiom. My command processes contractors as one of our main functions and it takes a week minimum for them to leave. There's all sorts of things that civilian contractors have to do in order to be approved to head overseas.

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He's got someone else, he's going out with friends, anyone can buy tactical gear and a majority of the people we coordinate with have their phones and Skype, email, text, call. Even diplomatic security isn't that locked up. He's got something fuck with him. Go Google private military contracts. Depending on your contract yes and no. Usually once you're cleared you're good for the next year, just like in the military.

There's a shit-ton of grey areas in contracting for requirements. Plus, if the contract has a fairly wide geographical range in their PWS it's not a big deal to bounce back and forth as necessary. I feel like his whole life is a grey area. I'm just going to ask to see his access card which i was told everyone has and can show. If he says he doesn't or whatever this is just something I'm running from lol.

Also faked injuries and bullet shells that were stuck in the plates of his gear. This shit is just so hard to comprehend lmao.

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