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For the first time since opening for the Antlers on April 26, , at the Fox Theatre, the explosive combination of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter was back in Boulder, Colorado, presumably under far cushier circumstances.

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Four years later, Phantogram's sold-out show at the Boulder Theater was a major upgrade. This boisterous performance on Sept.

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After lissome Lia Ices opened the festivities with a quietly functional set, the crowd -- excluding the unkempt urchin who did a full face-plant near the front of the stage -- was ready for access to excess. Barthel left and Carter -- backed by touring members Nicholas Shelestak guitars, keys, samples and Chris Carhart drums -- delivered right away with appropriately enough "Nothing But Trouble.

While the dizzying, over-the-top light show was sometimes hard to watch, the leggy Barthel, wearing black pumps and leather hot pants, was clearly the center of attention. Her captivating presence and splendid soprano guided Phantogram through outstanding Voices tracks such as "The Day You Died," "Howling at the Moon" and "Fall in Love," the latter managing to rise above the EDM din as a lush throwback to mellower melodies.

There also was the aerobic dance instructor choreography on "Black Out Days," then "Don't Move," a cut from the Nightlife EP that must have had Barthel thinking ahead when she cried out, "I want to see everyone's hands in the air. For a band that likes its sounds "low-fi" and its albums baring a slight nick or scratch, Phantogram doesn't mind allowing a few imperfections.

Phantogram (band)

During a fearless journey, this daredevil duo is certainly capable of taking you high and low while moving through a divergent mix of sub-genres that spans electro-pop, hip-hop, rock 'n' soul and industrial-strength scrap metal driven by synthesizers, propulsive beats and Carter's churning guitar. Barthel, ironically looking and sounding like St. Vincent while wearing a flowing robe and standing on a rotating pedestal for "Bill Murray" the actor's new movie St. Vincent has nothing to do with Annie Clark's stage name, though was sometimes betrayed by a muddled mix in which her vocals fought a losing battle with the surrounding sounds.

But the beautiful guitar intro and outro made up for it on that particular song. I had a trampoline, and our neighbors had a trampoline, and the guys across the street had a porch and we would just take turns hanging out in different spots. I was the most awkward-looking human being on the planet.

Sarah Barthel dating long time boyfriend Shaun White

I always thought Josh was really cool though. He was the cool skater kid that had the longer hair, but it was shaved underneath. He had the cool band t-shirts and the baggy jeans, like the grunge look. I tried to have the grunge look but I was too gross looking, I think.

Shaun White's rock-star girlfriend is local native | The Daily Gazette

I hear some of your favorite pastimes were prank phone calls, so what kind of other things did you do together? We also used to smoke cigarettes in a graveyard that was right behind the school. In between my house and the school, you'd have to walk through this cornfield where everyone would smoke. Right in between the graveyard and the cornfield, there was this little spot where it wasn't the school property, so people would meet up there after school.

We used to go to McDonald's together, which was down the street. We didn't do anything musical together until we met back up in our 20s.

"Why Do You Love Me?" Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice - Seaycee Edit -- My Heart Will Go On --

I went away to school and he moved down to New York. He was in another band before me with his brother and it didn't work out, so he moved back upstate and we met randomly at church on Christmas Eve, actually. We just became really good friends that shared a passion for music. He let me listen to some of his stuff he was working on at the time, and he asked me to sing on one of his songs, and I was super excited about it.

After that — because it worked out so well — we decided to write music together and play in Phantogram.

We never played shows back then; we just had music we kind of just recorded. We spent a lot of years on tour and evolved and have grown sonically and as people. It was the same, but we're a little more grown up. We love small venues. We always enjoy them.

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