Dating someone with a baby mama

Especially when you and his baby mama is fighting, he takes her side. This is when you know that he is more in love with her. Because he really loves his baby mama, he wants to protect her by not putting her up with her enemy, his current girlfriend. He knows that it will not be pretty if you two are together so he tries his best to make you not meet her at any cost. His excuse might be that he wants his child to be with a full family, but a trip outside of town just with her seems to odd. Exes should stay in the past and let the present time be. But it seems that he is in constant contact with his past which is his baby mama.

Even though you are clearly in the room, he talks with her more and does not try to let you in the conversation. He shyly grabs her hand or hug her close even though you are watching. The point is that he is really stuck on her. When she tells him to do something, he do it straight away. Meanwhile when you ask him to do something, he complains and make it seem like a big favor to ask. The most common mistake that a man dealing with baby mama drama makes is he just can't seem to cut the sexual ties with the woman who bore his child.

Continuing to have that kind of relationship sets off a chain of events that could have easily been avoided. Easier said than done, I know. But it has to happen in order for the child to be raised in a stable environment, even if mommy and daddy aren't together anymore. The man needs to practice some restraint and have some dignity.

If he truly values and cares about making a new relationship work, he cannot continue to be involved with his baby mama. Like I said before, the man holds all of the cards. The women involved can only play with the hand he deals them. He has to make it clear to the woman that he is involved with that the relationship with his baby mama is focused strictly on the well-being of his child.

Is Baby Mama Drama Hurting Your Relationship? Here’s How To Fix It

He has to also be sure to keep her informed of all of the activities, meetings, conversations or any other direct contact that he may have with the mother of his child. I know this may sound extreme but keeping her involved and informed on what's going on will lower the chances of distrust and insecurity on her end. You'd be surprised at how big of a deal having open communication about these types of things is. If the man can clearly set boundaries and communicates with his new girlfriend openly, much of the baby mama drama goes away.

He also has to do the same with the child's mother. Although this may not go down so easy, it's all about the approach. She may not want another woman around her child that she does not know—plain and simple. That will be her first argument, but that's not all. This is a very delicate situation, because they may not have parted on the best terms, so, therefore, she may have her guard up about anything and everything her ex is involved with including who they're with. So this can make things complicated, but he still has to let her know what's going on. He needs to explain to her that he has another woman in his life, which may be something that she really does not want to hear.

But he has to let her know anyway because if she finds out that her child was around a person that she does not know, god forbid what would happen next. That's why he should tread softly and watch his approach. He has to let her know that he has taken an interest in another person. Hold on—he has to be quick with this though. He should also let her know what this woman means to him. She may give him the eye and believe me all men know the "eye". But he still has to let her know this only if he is serious though so that way she can know that he respects and cares enough about this woman to tell her about her.

I'm not saying that she'll like it, but she will respect that. Some men feel a strong connection to their baby mama. The fact that they had a child with this woman gives them a special bond. If your man is having trouble breaking away from his baby mama, you have to let him go. Set some boundaries about what kind of behavior is acceptable and if your man crosses the line, take a hard stance.

At the same time, you have to find that balance and understand that your man is always going to have a special bond with his baby mama. Here are some reasons why a man goes back to his baby mama over you. Keep in mind that these reasons are not your fault! The man is the main actor in this drama, and his choices impact both sides. Even when you take steps to keep the baby mama in the loop and feeling comfortable with you dating her ex, she may still be jealous of you and your relationship. Here are some signs that show she is jealous of you. I had no feelings for him at the time.

I just knew that was the first thing that I crossed out on my "I need a man list," no baby mamas! This man had a couple of children. Long story short, he made me go oooh-wee, and things changed for the both of us. I found out that this man was not an ordinary man, and I will explain what I mean about this. Ladies, this man would call up his baby mamas with me right next to him.

He would put these women on speakerphone. He did this so that I could hear what his relationship with them was like. He didn't do this one time. This man did this every time they called his phone. Just by him doing that, it opened up trust and confidence in my relationship with this man. There are rules and boundaries that you cannot cross when dealing with a man who has a child with another woman. Be mindful that if you're truly planning on making a life with this man, you have to respect his child's mother.

She may not like you, but as long as you're showing her the respect of being the mother of his child, then her hate for you will prove worthless. How can you hate someone who respects you? This advice that I'm about to give will be hard for some to grasp. Those who have strong wills and cool heads will receive this advice as it is. When it comes to your man dealing with his child's mother on matters concerning their child, it is in your best interests to stay out of it.

Your relationship is with him, not the baby mama. You and your man can discuss the issues concerning both the baby mama and child, but he must handle his issues with both alone. If you find out he's still having sex with the baby mama, you have to let him go immediately, unless you're into sharing your man. I hate to tell you this, but if you found out that your man has slept with his baby mama while the two of you have been together, it will not stop. Those ties have yet to be severed, and they won't be until either of them are ready to do it. There's nothing that you can do to make them stop.

One of them has to say enough is enough. Here are five tips for dealing with baby mama drama. Always try to have some patience and compassion as it's not an easy situation for the man to be in. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. So much of this article is BS! I hope most of you gals will find a more reliable source of information. So to all the stepmoms out there, yes you have to respect babymom as the babymom but that is all. Also the biggest mistake Babydads make is not cutting sexual ties with Babymom?

I am sure there are alot of fuckboys who use the fuck out of their babymom and mentally abuse them and gaslight them into thinking that they are special so he can continue to be a jerk. Stay away from any man who was ever in a toxic on again off again relationship with his babymom. If you know any man has a history of abuse and not treating women right, why would you be with them? I don't see anywhere that Babymoms should inform babydads if they meet someone.

I don't see why it even concerns the babymom. As long as he doesn't introduce her to the kid as gf without saying anything it is okay and the Babydad can let her know when he is ready. Do they get permission everytime they bring their kid around every friend? If your BD feels like he needs to do this maybe you need to consider where his loyalty lies. Once a woman gives birth to a child the man thinks she belongs to him forever?

I am sure there are a small percentage of men who think this way but they would not leave bm if he still thought she 'belonged' to him. There are so many poor resources out there about this subject no wonder its always such a mess.

19 Signs That Your Boyfriend is Not Over His Baby Mama

Have I been the girlfriend before, yes. I have a three-year-old and I am pregnant currently. If a man is being secretive about the relationship with his baby mother to any extent. Like keeping you to separated or even not wanting you to to speak. He is lying to you, it is very well possible he may never have broken things off with his baby mother to begin with.

My baby father lies to females all the time and tries to say that my son is it his or that i dont exist. I broke off the relationship as of Tuesday and he got extremely upset and sent me 7 long text messages of hurt feelings. I broke the relationship off because I found out that he was denying me and our son. Before Tuesday,We spoke every day whether it was through FaceTime or him calling me or texting me and we spoke all day every day.

Of course we were sleeping together regularly and we were supposed to be working things out between us. He has been an on and off relationship for 5 years. Guess who begged and pleaded me not to take HIS son away. I have never though that I will go though such situation in my life, but 4 days ago I found out from my boyfriends phone that he have a son with another woman. I am still in shock. As he told me, his baby mama was always causing him a problems and she left him with the child and since , he have not seen him.

He left the country to pursue with his studies and we met afterwards. I would understand if he would tell me at the beginning of our relationship, because I would not consider to be with a man who have child Bad experience from the past. Although, he said that he never loved the woman, but he loves only me and my son so much. I would like to hear so many opinions, because at the moment I can not accept that my boyfriend have a child with another woman.

I started seeing him shortly after he was separated from his ex wife of 12 years 2 kids together also. Despite all of the bad, and good, situations we have been though lately another situation has came about.

Here are a few tips to negotiating baby mama drama.

She started using the court system as a way of falsely accusing me of all sorts of things- both civil and criminal. She has absolutely no solid claim against any accusation she is making against me but this is stressful. What I cannotbunderstsnd or begin to try and understand is why he is letting this woman not only treat me bad but treat him like a piece of crap when he has been amazing to her and the kids.

He constantly complains about the lawyer fees he has to spend and has become distant to me and when I try to ask him or lightly talk to him about anything to do with her or the situation he becomes very defensive and almost angry with me. I know nobody can understand fully from just what I try to explain here, but can someone ANYONE give me some insight to this behavior, maybe someone who has gone through a similar situation? I know I should have packed my bags and left a long time ago, but I love him and he is a great guy. I know he cares about me in a way but I cannot understand this continued behavior.

We broke up for about 2 months at the end of He got with a girl, she accidentally got pregnant then 2 weeks later he finds out the she was cheating on him the whole 2 months. Fast forward to today. I been with him since she was less than a month pregnate. We are going to be getting married soon and I as well as my boyfriend want all the communicating to go through me to keep transparency. Is there any advice anyone can give me to make this any easier. My boyfriend is 22 and she is But anyways Any advice? Please or just anyone who been in a similar situation.

Which is fine, and I respect that but she calls everyday questioning where I am. Just sometimes that means I do not see my man and I am not sure what they are doing because she is just so demanding or jealous. How close is to close with your man and is baby mama. Now where my problem comes in and first let me just say this I absolutely have no problems when my man has to do errands for his BM that has to involve his children that is not my issue. My issue starts to come in when he begins to rely on her for everything like doing resumes for him filling out applications.

Getting phones in the morning to pick her up from work or when she needs rides to and from school. But if I was to do anything of things I stated on him with the father of my oldest child he would have a FIT Should I be concerned or is this the new normal now. I been dating this guy who has a baby mama. I have a child from a previous relationship no baby daddy drama for him. But for me it affects our relationship cause she would keep his daughter away n then blame him say he never comes see his daughter.

She a master manipulator. I read all the texts about him wanted to get his daughter for the weekend she says no. She said my daughter n I are in the way of their daughter. She dont want to be over our house she hasn't been over here consistently She tells him his daughter dont want to be over here doesn't love him no more etc. She has mild austic she is 5 years old. My bf been crying Alot lately That he didnt want to lose me My curiosity led me to finding out how my so called husband has been cheating on me, I got to know he was about selling of the restaurant because of the lady she met online.

She gave me access to his messages and mails which includes his location. She is very fast and reliable. Hey I need advice on something. They broke up when the child was 1 however they would have sex on and off thru the years, the last time they had sex was 6 months before me and him dated after his 35th bday party. The reason I left him was because during the time we were together he would do stuff for her that did not directing affect their child like help her with a down payment of a car, help her out with her constant personal money problems such as give her extra money on top of the child support money and recently helped pay her tuition at the community college she is attending.

He communicated all these things to me after the decision was made like weeks later or months later.

WDW - Dating A Man With A BabyMama !!!

I told him it made me feel uncomfortable because it made me believe he was still in love with her or she has some type of hold on him. During the first 8 mos of us dating his daughter graduated kindergarten and she told him she would beat my ass if I showed up! Which was weird because I had never met or spoken to her. Did i make the right decision? So a few months ago i got into a relationship with a man who has a child with another woman and of course the baby mama drama. Its also my first relationship as a single mother as well so we are both new at this. Nothing to horrible has happened yet thank god but the one thing that bothers me the most is when it comes to his babys mom he let's her get away with almost everything.

Especially when him and i are together having sex etc. But the biggest kicker for me is he cant keep any of his promises he made me when it comes to her. Like telling her to back off and give us space or not spending the night at her place cause he knows it makes me uncomfortable. And not always texting her while hes with me. If he cant keep his word how can i take him seriously?. Ive talked to him and told him how i feel and he said he would stop Right now i guess im just struggling trying to decide if i should trust him or not. He says he doesn't love her anymore and theres no chance of them getting back together but how they both act and treat each other leaves room for plenty mistakes to happen and there's already been one that did.

This is all new for me and i really need some honest stable advice. My bf has a kid with his ex, we been together for 3 years. Baby mama been pregnant with her new relationship but there always something happened. They been texting back and forth ab the baby. He stays supportively and sometimes she wont let him see his child. Whenever something like that happened she always blames on me. She even told het child about his me and his dad. She is so happy when he said he does not want to come over on the weekend and record him saying it. She didnt know that it been more than 5 times he cried and said didnt want to go home with his mom because he hated him.

She was not around that much. I showed her respect by asking her to go eat with the kids to showing her that my kids and their kid are playing well together but she denied. Now she started not letting him sleepover with his dad like how she did before. She said that she hate my family and wont let her son spend a night there. One day when we had breakfast togther he said he does not like me. But its is okay now he does not spend lot of time here anymore im seeing him less. You guys are lucky to have a good baby mama who respects and appreciates what you do. But this baby mama drama im dealing with is another level.

Even my bf says she does not have brain and ignorance. Anyway, my thing is with him should I be at all concerned that he has his BM on his Facebook friend list and Snapchat and god knows what other Sicial media platform? Why the need to follow on Social media as well?? As soon as she found out about me instant child support papers were drawn up and sent his way despite the fact he was already supporting his daughter.

My boyfriend is incarcerated and we have been together for a year and half.. His son mother was coming but then she stopped.. Now he wanted me to meet the son and the mother.. She goes of the edge then start tellin me that he said that he loves her and want to be with her. In the mix of things he ask me to marry him. I need ur advice plz.. My boyfriend has a 3 month old with his ex in mexico i have been with him since he new she was pregnant when he told his baby moma he was going to be there for his child but not for her because he was with me and she told him he wont let him see the baby if he was not going to be with her that she was only going to let his parents and family see the baby now the baby is 3 month old and my boyfriend mom sends him pictures and videos of the baby should i get mad or feel insecure if he doesnt tell me ive been with him since day one i think he should tell me or am i wrong?

Another thing is that ive been living with my boyfriend 2 months ago and he tells me he wants to have a baby with me i do want to but he has a baby it doesnt feel right i need to hear opinons please. I am the ex wife. Here is my story. Ex walked out on me and his 10 month old child, to be with mistress. It did not work out for him and so he became a right pain in the arse. Child contact was ordered by the courts. Our son was in the process of being diagnosed with autism. For the sake of our son, I tried to build a business like relationship.

To this end, I started a contact book as requested by his barrister. In it, I put all information pertaining to his son. So the book contained copies and invites to all assessments and parent courses and also all of the resultant reports. He never turned up to any of the things he was supposed to turn up to and he frequently missed his contact sessions, which was frequently a blessing, as he was nothing but abusive when he turned up. He seemed to think that he was making me jealous by bragging about all these women that were so much better than me, that he had supposedly shagged.

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What he did not seem to realise was that I was too knackered by looking after a disabled toddler to care about his sex life. He had left us so short of money, that we were obliged to move to a cheaper area. He thought this meant that the courts would grant him whatever contact pattern that was suitable to him. Big mistake, the courts deemed his lack of interest in his child, to be damaging and put a stop to contact. And no I didn't want him back and surprise, he is divorced from wife number 2 now. Its not over yet! Take a bold step today to save your union together..

You cant get solution when you don't try, You can not win without practice" God has given a lot of disciple powers to intercede on our behalf when we are down and in need of his attention Linkup this great man today Via: My ex cheated on me after 7years with the chick he had a one night stand with before we got together who had his kid but has never had anything to do with her or the kid then cheats on me with her after 7years leaves me with no words and starts a realtionship with her.

My boyfriend baby mom always just showing up dropping the child and staying and he allowed her too don't tell her nothing and stay in his room this sucks i appericiate that he told me because I ask but how am I suppose to feel. Baby ma had a baby by another man and she said it was mines is it time to move on somebody please let me no. So her friend harasses the hell out of me and tells me that she is hurt, alone, homeless, 1 month pregnant and scared, I wanted to tell her " look!

Dating a man with a baby mama

I don't see where that's my problem". The dude don't want her she wants me back, I ain't no fool! I went and picked her and her things up off the side of the road and took her to my room. After her breaking down crying and apologizing to me for all of the fucked up things she has ever done to me She just told me she came from the E. After getting a full STD Workup and her results came back negative but positive for pregnancy, she wanted to make sure the fucker didn't pass her no shit she can pass to me after the 2 other times she gave me the clap after going out fucking other men years earlier, she some how got it in her head the first thing we were going to engage in was make up sex, and didn't want me to get infected if she was infected with something, just careless I had nothing to say.

I made sure she showered and was fed. That night she undressed down to her t shirt with no panties, I had a 2 bed hotel room so I told her she can have the first bed, I'll take the other, instead she got into my bed wanting to finally have sex with me.. Why she did that I do not know.. But I sat there the whole night in deep thought.. Pissed bouncing back and forth in my head should I just say fuck what the courts say kick her that unborn baby the fuck out my room, or fuckin forgive her for this shit after the 40th time of her cheating on me and getting knocked up. But who was I kidding I was all alone out here.

No family or friends. This woman being the only one I've been with for 12 years, is the only woman I know, and half the friend I ever had. She wanted us to work on getting our kids back, and I am in a place where I feel the kids are safer where they are in a healthy enviornment with a family that can take care of them because I was no longer financially nor mentally stable to care for them, so she pressures me to get the kids back because she is still receiving aid for them, but I am not ready..

I don't want my kids to get hurt by her anymore. So I notice the close it gets to becoming due to give birth and no results of me getting the kids back her whole demeanor is starting to change back. But I don't really care anymore like I used to. I've noticed I've changed as to where I'm ready for her to tell me to drop her off somewhere and be done with it. She is not going to treat me like shut after all I've done to support her through this pregnancy even though it ain't my child. So now I feel like I want to be done with her.

I do not want to be on the birth certificate and I told her that. She needs to name that baby after her biological father. Since he was man enough to walk in my home, lie to me in my face as if they were not fuckin and take my woman then knock her up, he can be man enough to pay for his child. I don't plan on paying for no child that isn't mine out of wedlock. She needs to woman up, get of her ass and report his ass to child support. She regretted cheating and as I fool I took her back Now she is 9 months pregnant and we still don't have a sex life, she has no contact with the dude, and is now doing all this talking about she wants us to move somewhere far from here.

I have been stepping up as the father of this child, but I don't want to be legally the father because she is most likely going to cheat again and I don't want to be the fool raising another man's child she concieved from adultery. I don't want to be a fool again.. Plus I have no tolerance for her anymore. I only want to help as a friend.

I'm not trying to have her pin me with the full child support responsibility being the biological father wants nothing to do with the child. And she talks about having another child with me I don't know if it's guilt or what? But cps have not given my kids back for 1 year now.. I feel as if I'm single and I'm starting to love it and shying away from my wife, but my wife now wants to know every second who I'm on the phone with, where I'm going, be up under me ever five seconds, but no type of intimacy.. Because she says her body hurts from the pregnancy.

So I don't bother her. She still remains on her phone day in and day out.. I will not let her out my name on the birth certificate, only the man she concieved with. My question is am I wrong for doing this?

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  6. I think about the baby not having her biological dad.. But I'm willing to offer support on grounds that I'm not legally documented as the presumed father or father. I search for support blogs in accordance to my situation, but all I see on Google Search is men, cheating on their wives, men this, men that, but it rarely is searches that come up but a few of women who cheat on their husbands. My situation is I've been married for 12 years For the past 12 years 11 of those years I have spent in an abusive, cheating relationship with my wife, And NO!

    I was not the abuser nor cheater she was. And as I calculated and documented every incident every year for the past 11 years she has gone out and cheated the same months during the same seasons and I don't know why, I have begged and pleaded to her, even threatened divorce, but nothing seemed to work, she would stop for a little bit spend most of her time on facebook day in and day out private messages going to the bathroom posing as if she is using the toilet, but in actuality sending nude photos to these guys, locking herself in my truck with the windows rolled up chatting with these guys,.

    I would force her out of my truck, and threaten to kick her and her shot out of my house if she so fixed on the guy, he can come get her and take care of her. After all I saw in her text messages and pictures where she was so fixated on the guy she began trying to have his baby. Sending him photos of her pregnancy tests the whole 9. I was so pissed I'm a retired disabled veteran, presumably Married with 3 children. She was on some drugs, E pills and god knows whatever else, hanging with her smack smoking buddies. To her one day waiting till my back was turned while I was caring for our children, being that she had no interest in being a mother to them, she would slip out the door undetected until I seen her speed off with the dude she was cheating on me with for the past 8 months,thats disappearing weeks upon weeks, looking for her to find out she was shacked up in the bay area with some thug, I have had no romantic or intimate relationship with my wife for weeks upon weeks,.

    I finally had come to my wits end with this chick and life, with a ball of tears rolling from my eyes, and my children's eyes as they tugged on my clothes not to let them go, as the cps worker drug them into the back of the building I had to place my kids in a receiving home to get them off the streets and wound up getting a cps case on grounds of DV for her breaking my nose, and neglect from her taking in cash aid, and in food stamps to spending it all on the guy she was sleeping with, to selling them for drugs, and booze instead of helping me to feed our kids I found myself heartbroken, financially drained, lonely, and scared sleeping out of my truck in parks, on the side of the roads in the outskirts of the city, to eating in shelters..

    I felt as if my life was over. Till i tried to file a divorce which the California courts do not make it easy being there are children involved and my wife is cheating on me with the next guy so to have her served would take months of investigation on her whereabouts which costs time and money. So it is a long tedious process. But one day out of the blue I get a call from her friend congratulating me on our new baby on the way. I had walked around in circles half the day on the phone with her friend explaining to her that my wife took off with the next guy and she has not touched me in months, not had any interest in being physical with me, we never even kiss because she says she isn't a kisser , but I caught her engaging in the nastiest lip locking sex act with this guy in the backseat of his car, doing things to him she has never done to me in all the years we have been married.

    Oh well so I tell her the baby isn't mine, it's the dude she is with, so her friend gets off the phone with me and calls her back telling her to come clean. She finally came clean saying " Yes. It's not my husband's it's Kevin's baby. Karma comes around because he indeed relocated, stood her up the night she told him she was pregnant, changed his number and was ghost. Her friend called me telling me the son of a butch stood her up and wants nothing to do with her or the baby, what she thought was she had a new man, he was going to mover her in.

    Swoop her up like a night in shining armor, but that wasn't the case he just wanted ass I have an 8 month old daughter, but my babys dad left me for another girl while I was about 1 month and a half pregnant. I never told him when the doctors appointments were, nor when the baby was born, nor did I put his last name on her or put him on the birth certificate, because I didn't think he deserved any of it for what he did to me. Two and a half months after the baby was born, I started having problems with my mom and knowing he had a girlfriend I went to go live with him, the first few weeks and month we were good That happened, he is still with his girlfriend though, but he would slap my butt,and touch me, I would tell him to stop because he has a girlfriend and he said she doesn't have to know.

    We had sex several times afterwards But he is still with his girlfriend? Does he love her? So I met my husband when his daughter was 8 months old. At first I wasn't taking the relationship seriously because I didn't want to be involved with his Baby Mama Drama. I told him that. And by seriously, I didn't think it would last. But obviously it did and I fell in love with him and his little girl.

    I did my best to stay out of it besides encouraging him to go after his visitation right's and pay child support on time. We would drive hours to pick up his daughter on his weekends, and he was never behind on support. He tried so hard to keep her involved with his life. That's why I loved him so much. I admired his courage and perseverance because his Baby Mama made it very difficult on him to see the girl.

    She would sometimes not on be there to let him pick up. She never drove half way, and she was constantly moving from place to place. Things went from bad to worse and by the time the girl was in kindergarten. DSC was involved because she was missing school and there was neglect in care, violence, robberies, and drugs involved. We got the girl in And she been with us since.

    What Does Baby Mama Drama Mean?

    It's been really hard on her because she doesn't understand and remember what her mom did. Her mom is now living with her parents. She was on strict supervised visitation for a year but now they are lifted to just they can be unsupervised for as long as the mom continues to live with her parents.

    It's weird because she can still take the girl where ever she wants and she does. I'm not so worried that she's doing strong drugs maybe pot and drinks but she's still working at a bar and only for maybe 6 months and is living with a guy we know nothing about. And I'm just assuming living with him because every weekend the girl is spending the night with her mom she is there alone with that guy while her mom is at work.

    And now her mom is asking the court that she be lifted from all supervised visits and that she can move out of her parents. We are not sure what to do. Should he agree and not take this court? My husband asked for no child support order in court, but the judge said there has to be something and set it at He doesn't want to go to court. She's already lawyer'd up, so if he goes then he feels like he should get one too. But that sucks on the stress and money. But I don't think she's proven that she's stable enough to take care of the girl when she has her.

    The longest she held a job is this current one. She wants to constantly change the time scheduled of when she picks up and drops off and he tries to be flexible, but when he says "sorry that won't work today because we have plans", she flips outs and cusses and yells at him. I don't see any improvements yet. She is not support herself and can even pay child support Why should he trust her to make good decisions with the girl.

    On the other hand, I think agreeing to this order is showing her mom that we want to start over. I want us to get along and stop the bickering. I'm tried of it. I wish they could just come to an agreement and trust each other.

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    8. I recommended before he agree or drag it to court, that we to go out to dinner with her in a public place and talk. Talk about what are plans for the future are with her job, boyfriend, living arrangement, and parenting time. Talk about what needs to be done in order from him to start trusting her. But he said she'll lie about anything and she shouldn't be trusted, but at the same time he's thinking about signing the order to lift supervised visits just so he doesn't have to deal with the court.

      I just think it's silly to give her such a large amount of responsibility when you have no reason to trust her. And how do you know when the situation is just too sticky and you need to step away? We have all heard that two women cannot peacefully rule in a home together. Someone has to take a back seat and there may be a lot of negotiating to figure out whose role is whose. Sometimes your role will be the back seat and sometimes it should be front and center. You deserve to be respected as the new woman in his life and she needs to be respected as the mother of his children.

      And while you are reading them- remember, you can only change YOU. But, you can improve your whole life and relationship by learning how to deal with her in the best way possible. That means changing you. Baby mama drama will exist in some form, as it always has, for the rest of time. Respect her and demand respect from him in return and you are well on your way to making it work.

      Zoe Shaw is a licensed psychotherapist and life and relationship coach for women. Thank you for sharing with others. Naomi, Thank you for your response. Yes, you are so right. This article was written for the girlfriend or spouse who often feels this way. I think I was clear that the baby mama needs to be respected even if you feel she is evil.

      And I tried to give some perspective to make the new current woman understand what the mother of his children may be experiencing. You are so right about the man in the middle often creating this drama. My attempt is to help all parties get along better and understand where each other may be coming from. This is in the best interest of everyone. Best wishes to you!! I think this is very valid and highlighted some of my views. What about for the wives or girlfriends that fully take care of the child with the baby daddy and the baby mother is around little to none but still causes mischief?

      There are so many aspects of the baby mama drama and blended families. I think I may write a baby mama drama chronicles! You are right, the situation is very different when you are the main caretaker- essentially the pseudo mom. There are a lot of women who have taken on that role and kudos to you women out there! When this is the case, you and your partner need to have a united front and confront the other woman with the issues that are happening, making sure she understands that because she is not very involved, that your parenting takes presidence. What about the baby mama that refuses to let the children be around the wife or girlfriend?

      We live three hours away from her and the kids. She never lets him have the kids on weekends or anything.

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