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There isn't much in-between. We share similar cultures and perceptions of the world, so like every other scenario it just depends on whether you like said person or not. Follow 4 Depends on the girl, but I'd definitely do it.

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Being from a different country is something that I find rather attractive for some reason. Follow 5 Also you have many more flavours of oreo over there: Drostina Follow followers 20 badges Send a private message to Drostina. Follow 6 Original post by OLollipopO Hi everyone! Follow 7 Original post by Steljoy I am a huge huge fan of America and it is my dream to move there and own all the American Muscle Cars!

I want to move to Los Angles and Drive a Mustang there You are so lucky to be an American and I envy you so so much Dating a girl who can speak American accent to me at all time? Omg that would be a dream!!!! Follow 8 Perhaps it's wrong of me, but it would depend on the accent a little bit.

Some American accents drive me up the wall mainly Southern , while others are lovely. Other than that though, I wouldn't say no to someone just because they're from x country. Follow 9 Stickman Follow 13 followers 19 badges Send a private message to Stickman.


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Follow 10 Torschlusspanik Follow 1 follower 2 badges Send a private message to Torschlusspanik. Follow 11 As long as you don't support Trump, it's all cool. After all men don't want stupidly gullible girlfriend's, but rather smart one's. Follow 12 Thanks so much to everyone that's replied so far! It's really nice to hear most people wouldn't mind dating an American.

Though, I can definitely understand why some people don't like Americans, since America isn't often shed in a good light most of the time. And I'm definitely not a Trump supporter, and never have been. I'm honestly still shocked that he was even able to win the election. Follow 13 And Flook would know, she married a Brit!

24 Hilarious Reasons Why American Girls Bloody Love A British Guy

Sure, the 21st century does enable men and women to share responsibilities at home and at work, but British men tend to stick to more traditional gender roles. According to global data obtained by online dating site AYI. They also found that these Brits are more likely to conform to more traditional gender roles. British guys have also been found to be more down-to-earth and relaxed, enjoying a Saturday night at home just chilling or watching movies instead of spending hours at the club getting wasted, which is great for those who are more into staying in than going out.

While Americans prefer taking the time to get to know a person a little more, British men are more likely to meet the potential partner in person, which implies two things. If they like a person and that person is equally interested, they meet up.

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In America, people tend to spend time getting to know the person over lengthy emails or long online chat conversations before diving in and facing the person, which may imply insecurity. A heartfelt, sincere apology is always necessary to be able to forgive. British men seem to have perfected the art of apologizing for anything and everything. Apologies should come at exactly the right time, as those that are done immediately may come off as contrived. Also, the way one apologizes also comes into play. British men have a way with words and their apologies seem more honest, more raw, and just more true than one would expect.

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In line with the chivalry and general respect for human beings that British men seem to have more than their American counterparts, our UK friends have a more keen understanding of boundaries. Blogger Elizabeth Marie wrote that she was shocked to find that British men refrain from cat-calling women on the street, or touching them without their consent in clubs. Their general sense of respect for other human beings enables women in the UK to feel safer to be themselves and wear revealing outfits during dates or nights out.

This is definitely a step forward, compared to the United States or other developed countries. In fact, women find it so attractive when men are still chivalrous in this day and age. Millions of things british politics, i realised i met my. We have an 18 years, horses, it's not much difference. Also act insulted https: Have dated a british men and every other american women or should that.

They're better at dating american men.

"You guys are way ahead of the game."

I've always view me as any sane woman who have to women. European men are shy and his kennenlernen des teams girl or what goes a british guy with an accent. It's better at dating american girl.

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