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Costs credits to send and read messages unlimited amount of times to one user. Premium gives higher database limits, deactivation of advertising. Geosocial networking application based on Android and iOS.

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Geosocial networking application based on Android and iOS with Facebook integration. Men are not allowed to create profiles on the platform. Primary language is Russian, but all languages welcome and searchable. Caters to all audiences. Premium content like additional search criteria and double appearances in others' relevant searches for "VIP membership".

Founder of online dating site Gaydar dies aged 51

Messaging, search, 20 profile views per day, video chat. Manhunt VIP includes unlimited profile views, view full-sized profile photos, unlimited buddies, unlimited blocks, saved searches. European online dating service owned by IAC. Uses answers from user-generated questions to find matches that conform to a user's stated preferences. Non essential features like sponsored profile promotion available for paid "A-List" members. Dating site for people looking for a long-term relationship, using a personality test.

Available in Europe and Mexico. Dating site for graduates and faculty of Ivy League, Seven Sisters, and about 50 similar colleges and universities and medical schools. Dating site for musical compatible couples. Supports heterosexual, same sex and polyamorous relationships.

Listed as one of the top Swedish web sites of Non-free based on user creating activities.

Premium users can continue communicating after unlimited free speed dates. Run by Spray Network AB. Premium users can see larger images and have more search options. Non-free As of [update]. Japan, identity, desire, gay dating sites, heteronormativity, masculinity pro 1. Introduction ted he limited anonymity aforded by communicating online, as well as the immediacy rec of this communication, has revolutionised how gay men interact with each other Gudelunas , McLelland Considering the increasing importance of dating sites to the lives of Japanese gay men and their role in bolstering heteronormativity within the ing Japanese gay sub-culture see Moriyama Literature review Pub ins 2.

First-person pronominal forms, distributed by idealised gendered use in formal ing and informal situations adapted from Shibamoto Smith Idealised gender continuum of Japanese sentence inal particles adapted from ins Shibamoto Smith Lunsing and Maree For example, the systematic study of the linguistic construction of de- rec sirable attributes within a corpus of English language newspaper gay personals conducted by Shalom found that heteronormative expressions of mascu- cor linity tended to be explicitly privileged as desirable, with heterosexual men being fetishised as normatively masculine and ideal throughout the corpus.

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In contrast to research on English language dating sites, there appear to be very few sociolinguistic analyses of Japanese dating sites conducted to date. Pub Both Nakamura and Backhaus thus hypothesise that heteronormative language use and use of the gendered registers introduced above would be utilised on Japanese dating sites in order to construct identities which would be read by ins others as authentic and desirable.

Research design enj 3. An indexical approach to language seeks to interrogate how gender ideologies such as heteronormativity are embedded within rec the language individuals utilise and the present study thus employs a qualitative approach to speciically reveal how heteronormative gender ideologies are indexed cor within the discourses of the Self and desired Other presented on a Japanese gay dating site. Users must, however, register to the BBS to both post and reply to other posts, but one does not have to be a reg- istered user to view the posts.

Patrick Strudwick talks to Henry Badenhorst, founder of Gaydar

All content posted on the BBS is therefore publically ing accessible, which is distinct from many gay dating sites which only make certain content visible to non-registered users Young Posts from the Serious Forum, as opposed to those from other forums, were chosen for analysis because previous research indicated that enj those seeking serious relationships typically reveal more linguistic data pertaining to their identities than users searching for ephemeral hook-ups see Milani For the present study, the irst ity posts were drawn from the Tokyo, Osaka, Tokushima and Fukuoka regional threads on a Sunday in July for in-depth analysis.

Posts from the Osaka, pro Tokushima and Fukuoka threads were speciically chosen for contrastive analysis with posts from the Tokyo thread since these regions utilise dialects which difer signiicantly from the standard language of Tokyo. However, as will be discussed in ted 3. Miseinen literally refers to people under the age of 20, which is the age of majority in Japan. Tokyo and Osaka are large urban areas on Honshu Island where the majority of the Japanese population reside. Tokushima, located on the south-eastern isle of Shikoku, and Fukuoka, on the Un southern island of Kyushu, are considered relatively rural areas by the majority of Japanese.

Each regional thread represented roughly a quarter of the corpus with the Tokyo regional thread enj once again having slightly more data due to having longer posts than the corpus average.

Interestingly, the length of a post in the corpus could difer signiicantly nB across users, with the shortest post being only 23 ji representing a single, short sentence and the longest being ji representing a number of sentences with much thick description. All the data in the corpus was in Japanese and, although Joh it is impossible to ascertain for certain, it appears that all users of the forum are culturally and ethnically Japanese. Interestingly, there did not appear to be much varia- tion in the age of users posting in each regional thread, although there were slightly ofs less users who identiied as being in their late teens posting to the Tokushima and Fukuoka threads.

Founder of online dating site Gaydar dies aged 51 | Life and style | The Guardian

Japanese uses three distinct scripts, and individual ji characters can represent anywhere from 1—10 Roman letters when transcribed. Utilising ji rather than word counts for describing rec corpora is the standard for analysing Japanese language data Many thanks to Wesley Robertson for his advice on this point.

Although investigating how age intersects with the production of identities on the forum would be interesting, it is beyond the scope of this particular study and represents an area for further research. Coding of the data was conducted utilising NVivo 10 to organise and pan stratify the data into emergent, thematic nodes. Coding began with a descriptive stage in which the attributes of the data were Com coded according to the vocabulary utilised in the posts, such as speciic identity cat- egories, adjectives and instances of explicitly gendered language.

Discourses of the Self and the desired Other ing were also descriptively coded to determine if any diferences occurred in their presentation. In the inal, analytical stage of coding, the thematic clusters elucidated in the enj previous stage were coded and interpreted with respect to the previous literature on dating sites. Importantly, thematic and analytical coding were drawn upon in the analysis of why certain identities are presented as desirable or undesirable, making use of the capability of NVivo 10 to qualitatively Joh and quantitatively investigate the relationships between speciic words and phrases which were individually coded during the irst coding stage.

Results and discussion ofs 4. Since the data were collected from an online forum and given the fact that SFPs are primarily utilised in conversations whether cor this be face-to-face communication or mediated through an online messenger SturtzSreetharan Likewise, since the Japanese language commonly drops pronouns in both formal and infor- Com mal speech referred to as nul or zero pronouns SturtzSreetharan Within each post in the corpus, users would only utilise one irst person pronoun and would consistently only utilise this pronoun throughout the rest of their post.

Interestingly, use of the SFP nen, which derives from the Kansai dialects ofs common to Osaka, also represented the only instances of dialect within the corpus. It is important to note that both Backhaus and Nakamura did not speciically examine dating sites per cor se, but language which sought to imitate the use of gendered language on hetero- sexual dating sites.

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Are there any older guys who can meet me now for sex?? Joh A serious, kind and hunky Sportsman is my Type!! Analysis of the data suggests that there are ive common tropes deployed by users pro of the Serious Forum within their posts to strategically describe their desired Other and to market their Self.

Needless to say, however, identifying factors such as age and location were factored in to my coding and Un analysis. In fact the use of Typing was so prevalent that it can be ing argued that, much like the avoidance of gendered SFPs and irst person pronouns, presenting the Self and the desired Other via Typing represents a communicative lish norm of the forum. Typing ofs has thus become an important tool for identity management amongst Japanese gay men Moriyama Even though it is grammatically possible for users of the Serious Forum to rec create Types out of any number of adjectives and nouns through the addition of the suixes introduced above, the number of speciic Types utilised on the Serious cor Forum is relatively few.

Indeed, users who explicitly write that they are looking for part- ners who ascribe to these three Types represent Furthermore, it is clear from the data that the Elderly Type nenpai-kei , Fatty Type debu-kei and Naughty Type yancha-kei appear to be undesirable, rec as no individuals list them in their discourses of the desired Other. However, this cor 9. It was common for some users to utilise more than one Type to describe their desired Other. Although it appears that there are only a limited number of Types which can be utilised on the Serious Forum, users would commonly also employ extensive adjective phrases to provide further information concerning physical appearance ing and personality.

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