Im secretly dating my best friends ex

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Literally me and Darling Husband spend nights at Berlines house just hanging out and I feel guilty just smiling in her face.

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We are in our 30s. But I feel that Alyssa should be honest about the situation to Berline. Its not fair to ask me and Darling Husband to keep her secret. I feel like a really shitty friend. Darling Husband could care less and said I am getting too emotionally involved. Wow that is a tough one bee. I would also tell Alyssa that you support her relationship with this guy and you want her to be happy.

I can imagine how you must be feeling. Ask Alyssa what she would do in your shoes. Tell her the longer she keeps it from Berline, the most hurt she will be in the end. If she marries his guy then Berline will never talk to her again. If they break up the same will probably happen. Alyssa needs to decide who she values more. I agree, stay out of it. I get that Berline might be hurt but this relationship was 4 years ago that has clearly ended…. She needs to move on and get over this guy.

They all need to grow up and act like adults. I would tell A you have no intention of lying to B, so if a question is asked you well be honest but other than that I would stay very far out of this and let them figure this out for themselves. They are all adults and can sort it out on their own. This is a tough situation. I would probably tell A that being part of this is just too difficult, and that I want nothing to do with it.

Encourage her to be honest with B. They dated a long time ago, and she needs to move on. Keeping her friend from happiness is not a healthy way of dealing with her issues around this breakup. I agree I think its important to let Alyssa know that I support her relationship because I do. From what I heard about him. They seem like a good fit. And I think I am going to go the route of staying out of it. So if Berline asks me I will refer her to Alyssa.

Thats all I can do. I do think that Berline needs to hear it though. Alyssa should have NOT picked Berline over her guy about a year ago. In her attempts to please her friend she ended up having to hide her love life, lie a whole lot more AND be judged for whom she dates. You need to steer clear from the white water rapids up ahead. PPs said it best. Tell A you support her relationship with the guy.

I think you were totally out of line to refuse to go to a wedding because he will be there! You clearly were taking a stand about the situation. Its not like he cheated on A with B. Its been six freaking years. And why do you feel bad seeing B? This stuff is absolutely none of your business and you should refuse to be involved in any way.

Theyve been friends longer than youve know either of them. You dont have to DO anything, let them sort it out. They dated SIX years ago, this is petty. This entire situation is completely petty. At least that's what my brain is telling me, my heart is speaking an entirely different language. Published June 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about My Best Friend's Ex , please sign up. Does this book end with a cliffhanger?

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My Best Friend's Ex

Cristiana No, the story is nicely wrapped up in the end. See all 4 questions about My Best Friend's Ex…. Lists with This Book. With all the respect to the readers who loved this book, I must say that it has been a total disappointment for me! I almost DNF'ed it a couple of times. This wasn't a hot and forbidden romance that I'd initially expected it to be. The book is told by dual point of view, both from Tucker's and Emma's.

Tucker was once with Sadie. So there is this heavy weight of losing the love of his life. When Sadie got pregnant, he was ready to become a family. He bought them a house and even prepared the nursery himself. Then, Sadie lost the baby before it was born. And, she moved on! She moved on, leaving him and their relationship behind. And what is even worse, she moved on with another guy, being extremely happy whereas Tucker lived a life of misery, celibacy and hopelessness for nearly two years.

Yes, 2 years celibate in the house he bought for Sadie and their child! He has very few things, such as a bed that he can sleep on, a fridge to keep food etc. Emma enters back into his life as a roommate! After 2 years of choosing the side of Sadie and putting a pause on her friendship with Tucker, Emma enters into his life after meeting him in a bar. Emma is evicted from her house and needs a temporary place to live in until she graduates and Tucker offers her a room in his house.

When she accepts it, instantly, their weird and painful attraction begins. First, they put silly house rules to obey. And for the life of me, I couldn't make sense why one would ever put a rule like the one below: One night a week, Emma and Tucker talk about sex, all the sex, penises and vaginas, vaginas and penises. The good, the bad, and the dirty. Condoms are encouraged to be used as hand puppets for educational purposes. What kind of a rule is that? Then, they started talking about sex on a weekly basis and they creeped the hell out of me.

But what is there for mega dick? Lifting your scrotum up to the air? Also, the readers are reminded crazy many times that the grown up man Tucker is something else, an irresistible hot guy as opposed to the boy Emma once knew when he was with Sadie. How can a guy change so much in 2 years, I have no idea. A year and a half, or nearly two years made all this difference in his looks. The more torturous thing starts when they start to feel an attraction towards each other. This continues for a hell of a long time!!! Men are stupid and rude and teasers. They like to tease your fantasies but never really make them come true.

I mean, would it really have hurt Tucker to pull my pants down and stick his dick in me just once? Just a little dick to vagina friction accompanied by an orgasm for the ages. I cross my arms over my chest just as I hear Tucker come down the stairs. Would Tucker ask me to eat his dick? Would I want to eat his dick? Relish and celery salt, no, relish, celery salt, mustard and onions. She was like a horny cat. Nope, she wasn't as cute, I promise!

And, please read how Tucker feels and decide yourself if you would like to read about this kind of a hero, because I never liked what I read. I need to learn to be okay with that, and I think I will. But is that fair? He is whining about Sadie and the baby they lost all along the book. Towards the end of the book, when he feels he is going to lose Emma, he comes to his senses a little bit. But until Tucker made up his mind, we read about lines as the ones below that made me nauseous. What do I say? Look how pathetic Emma is while Tucker is trying to forget: He looks down at my chest, and the rapid rise and fall of it.

Their breakup was very recent.

His hands lift to my shirt where he starts to button up my shirt for me. I swear to God, they would have given in by now. How can I not be salty when you have pushed me way past sexually frustrated? Pretty sure my vagina is a nasty shade of blue by now, Tucker. That was the part I disliked most. And I really felt like dropping the book every time Emma made some analogy like the one below: You need my warmth way more than I need your meat. I say this all the time in my reviews, and I am reiterating. Do some real men in real life constantly say that they have it big and thick, giving the exact measurements in inches?

I am sick of reading guys who talk about how big their dicks are and I am sick of reading about girls who are gulping when they hear how big it is. Well, I guess maybe because I wondered if he or she would come to their senses and also maybe because I wanted to rant here about it after finishing it My special thanks to the cover model Devin Paisley Looking at his gorgeous face every now and then and imagining him eased my torture a little bit and 1 star of mine is for the cover model: View all 22 comments. She came back into my life as a friend and burrowed her soul into mine, making it almost impossible to breathe without her.

The latest rom-com standalone written by Meghan Quinn is filled with a ton of laugh out loud moments that only the authors signature brand of humor can evoke. I would also categorize this as a forbidden love story due to the nature of their connection to each other. Although I found this one to be a little more on the serious side, I still really enjoyed reading it and Meghan Quinn has now become an automatic must-read author for me.

Emma Marks is in her final year of nursing school and finds herself in a bit of a pickle. She and her roommate have been given an eviction notice and must vacate their apartment within three days. One night while drowning her sorrows at a local bar, she runs into Tucker Jameson. They had a very volatile relationship which went to hell once Sadie became pregnant and then ultimately had a miscarriage.

Living in the house he bought for Sadie and the baby they lost, has only helped to further isolate him from his friends and keeps him from moving on from the past. When Tucker hears that Emma is in desperate need of a place to stay, he offers her to come live with him as he has a pretty decent sized house with a spare bedroom. She does end up moving in with Tucker when she is unable to find anything else.

At first, their interactions are a bit uncomfortable because of all the past drama but they soon fall into an easy friendship that is filled with some hilarious banter and sexy flirtations. Readers will find it hard not to fall crazy in love with Tucker. He's still so lost in his grief and heartbreak over losing Sadie and their baby. Tucker and Emma start to feel deeply attracted to each other but because of his past relationship with Sadie, they both try to fight the chemistry that they share.

But eventually, flirty banter starts to turn into playful touching and here is where Emma starts to feel like Tucker was one serious vagina tease! He walks around in tight fitting boxers and nothing else, knowing how it affects Emma and then he starts hot and heavy make-out sessions only to abruptly stop as soon as things are getting unbearably hot between them.

Tucker and Emma will eventually push all their doubts to the side and give in to their desires for each other. Is Tucker still stuck in the past? Or has the time with Emma helped to heal him and bring clarity to his mind? KUDOS to the author for picking such a beautiful cover! Make sure you one-click!! View all 17 comments. May 19, Cristina CristiinaReads rated it it was amazing Shelves: I always enjoy her humor, her fast paced plot and the characters she develops. I was especially looking forward to reading something as controversial as falling for the best friends ex.

Emma is a nursing student and is on a clinical placement when she receives a distressing phone call from her roommate, telling her she needs to come home straight away.

Is it ever OK to date your friend’s ex?

When she gets there her roomie informs her of the unfortunate news that they are being evicted. Tucker has not had the easiest times of late and has become somewhat of a recluse. He has a house that he despises. It was a house he built for himself and his ex-girlfriend to live together in. He was already thinking and preparing for starting a family and sharing a life together. Due to certain events and unforeseen circumstances he now lives there alone and everything about the house reminds him of what he once had and now has lost.

Neither Emma nor Tucker could have predicted that their relationship would soon turn from friendship in to something so much more. I loved these characters and just could not get enough of them.

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Their attraction and chemistry towards each other was electrifying. Of course not everything is all smooth sailing and there are quite some hurdles for them to overcome. But I would expect nothing less, because I always love a great balance of laugh out loud moments, sizzling romance, emotion and drama. If you are a fan of well written stories with great characters who have so much charm and quick wit that will not only make you laugh embarrassingly while in public yep this happened to me but will seriously touch your heart and give you all the feels, then I definitely recommend this AMAZING friends to lovers story.

View all 27 comments. View all 5 comments. Another book that snags your curiosity and you can't stop reading till you get to the end of the book. This book, oh this book. You know what you're going into before you read it by the title alone. What you don't know is you are getting so much more. He's the best friends ex. The hot, drop you dead ex. He's kind, he's sweet, he is funny, and he is so stuck in the past. Until Another book that snags your curiosity and you can't stop reading till you get to the end of the book.

She's the girl from Tucker's hometown. She's also Tucker's ex's best friend. One he hasn't seen for over a year. She beautiful, caring, always puts everyone else first before herself, looking out for you instead of her, she's funny, and boy has she changed throughout her college years. And she is instantly attracted to the unattainable and off limits Tucker. This book made me laugh so much, especially in the first half. The building of the story, the side stories, it was so good.

It is so well written. I loved this story, I just feel the huge elephant in the room drug out way too long. My heart hurt for Emma, she was always feeling like a second choice. It pissed me off she wouldn't express her feelings, there is no relationship if you CAN NOT talk about your feelings no matter what they involve. But in the end, I overlook that because I love this couple. And dang, I hope we get more to this crazy insane group. View all 26 comments. Never get involved with your best friend's ex-boyfriend. Emma Marks is quite aware of this rule, so when she has no other option but to move in with Tucker Jameson, she goes into the living arrangement as just a friend trying to finish up her nursing degree.

Tucker has the same thoughts, Emma is just a friend. He has no intentions of getting romantically involved with her especially since he's still hung up on his ex, Sadie. It starts out as a renewal of an old friendship. Innocent touches, hugs here and there, and fun, flirty dinners together. A bond starts to form and before they know it, lines are crossed, sheets are tossed, and deep-rooted feelings are formed. Ex-boyfriends are off-limits, Emma knows this, but when love hits her square in the heart, she can't seem to turn away.

The only problem is, is he ready to let go of his ex and be with Emma? View all 3 comments. Jun 05, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: I've had great luck with the other Meghan Quinn books I've read so this seemed like the perfect Sunday book for me. That being said, I never really connected to the story or either of the main characters. I skipped around, read the ending and eventually went back and skimmed the middle to make sure I hadn't missed anything. That Meghan Quinn spark was missing for me and in the end, this simply wasn't my cuppa.

View all 13 comments. Jun 26, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: This is my first read by Meghan Quinn, and it most definitely won't be my last! I was in the right mood for this story, and it made me smile, laugh out loud, and even swoon at times!

It’s never OK to date your friend’s ex, and this is why | Metro News

This isn't the type of read that I am always in the mood for; but it was such a pleasant surprise for me. Emma is told by her roommate that they have been evicted from their place, and have two days to find a new one. It just so happens that she runs into an old friend from high school, and he offers for her to come This is my first read by Meghan Quinn, and it most definitely won't be my last!

It just so happens that she runs into an old friend from high school, and he offers for her to come live with him. Tucker and Emma have history Tucker has never gotten over it, and when Emma looks into his eyes She feels awful that she never checked up on him, and so she decides that she is going to try and make it up to him. The banter between these two, is hilarious! I have highlighted so many jokes, and funny situations on my Kindle.

Not only between these two; but Tucker's friend, Racer is so damn funny too! I am impressed at how the author is able to come up with the one liners in this story!!! Even better is the fact that it isn't all just comedy This read has it all! It is low in angst, and just a feel good type of book! If you are a reader who is looking for a reason to smile, give this book a go. Tucker is an sweetheart, and I dare you not to fall in love with him. For me, it was impossible! He was so sweet, protective, and loyal!!

He has the whole package Super glad I gave this one a chance, and I will for sure be checking out the back list of Meghan Quinn And while I enjoyed it remember peeps, I don't consider a 3 a negative rating!! I think my sense of humor doesn't really mesh well with Quinn's. It's a little bit too much for me, I'm more of the sarcasm and one-liners kind of humor tha 3 stars Meghan Quinn is a relatively new author to me. It's a little bit too much for me, I'm more of the sarcasm and one-liners kind of humor than in your face almost slap sticky.

I really did enjoy this book, mostly the second half because it was hotter and angstier than the first half. I think lots of readers would love this book and the story, it's a good trope. Many of my trusted book friends have told me to read Dear Life, and I think I will try that. This book was a lot of fun and that light read many readers are searching for.

And I'm also glad I read a new to me author and broke outside of my comfort zone. View all 11 comments. May 30, Shannon Moore rated it really liked it Shelves: Let's just jump into it, because subtlety has never been my strong suit. I'm about to get into some real talk right now, so bear with me. In your eyes, I may very well be wrong but this is MY opinion, and I standing by it, I really wish this wasn't marketed as a romantic comedy, I would've prefers if that aspect was taken out and just left alone. The beginning was perfect to me, the ending was perfect to me, but the middle at times was right effed up because of the heroine and her "humour" if th Let's just jump into it, because subtlety has never been my strong suit.

The beginning was perfect to me, the ending was perfect to me, but the middle at times was right effed up because of the heroine and her "humour" if that's what we're calling it. I legit cringed, screenshotted an excerpt and sent it to the other blog girls because WTF. This chicks dialogue, monologues and thought processes were seriously weird. And she's suppose to be a nurse? You want us to out our body in her hands? She seemed so normal for the most part and then would just go off the rails. She was batty and immature like this and says weird stuff.

I get that this is the authors signature but wow, it is so not my style, if this is the case I will be avoiding all other books. I just can't take this crap. Case in point, here's a nice little excerpt. I just can't handle stuff like this. It's forced, stupid and unnecessary.

How bad I want him?

I just wish that this could've been focused in a little more instead of the insanity. It had depth and sweetness and I could really see how the story between Emma and Tucker would develop. I loved the beginning and loved the end. The middle was even pretty damn good too, despite my humour issues. I will admit, that's the reason I've rated this as a 4 star read. Bring your cooking pants. He's so incredibly sweet and vulnerable when he wants to take things slow.

And on the flip side, I love how Emma brought him back to life. At the same time, I liked how the plot goes into dealing with her insecurities as well, because these are the things that real people would be thinking about. I'm talking book boyfriend material here, ladies. He's a big, muscular, good looking construction worker with an even bigger heart. He can make the heroine laugh and holds her when she cries. He breaks her out of her comfort zone and gives her a place to live.

What's not to love? Even when he has a right be to mad, he surprises me in his reactions. Though there were times when I rolled my eyes at his dialogue from being something a man would NOT say, I tried to overlook that aspect because he was so amazing in every other way. Emma was a great characters too to go along with Tucker. I really enjoyed the fact that she was a nurse and portrayed as being the motherly, mature one.

How growing up, up she would be the one to take care of everyone and always had a plan on how to make things better. She was great for Tucker's life and his situation and I loved watching them bring the best out in the other. I for the life of me cannot understand why she got super weird at times and I'm going to now stop mentioning it because the more I think about it, the angrier I get. If this is Emma, be patient, baby. Until then, dream of me.

If this is Racer, I swear I will tell everyone about your Taco Tuesday mishap if you give me shit for this message. Things that not everyone might pay as much attention to. But in My Best Friends Ex, what caught my eye almost immediately was the physical attention each character gave to the other. Rubbing an arm, leaning into the other, resting your head on their shoulder, brushing fingers across a cheek or jaw, squeezing a shoulder. All of these little touches helps strengthen the connection and relationship.

From a reader standpoint, it caused the relationship to feel more genuine and leave less room for any doubt. He pulls me in closer to his chest, his grip never loosening. Just wanted to make sure you knew what was happening. We opened some wounds between us this past week, and I want to heal them. To wrap this up, all I can say is this; I enjoyed this book, I really did. I had a twitching eye at some points, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

He cheated on your best friend.

If you're already a Meghan Quinn fan, I bet you'll love this book. Even if you've never read a MQ book, there's a good chance that you'll still love this book. If you enjoy quirky heroines with different humour think Violet from Pucked by Helena Hunting but less consistent and more out there then there's a good chance that you'll love this book. All in all, would I recommend it? But I'd ask about your sense of humour first.

Is that why you offered to carry it in? View all 6 comments. Nov 30, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it liked it Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: All I know is my experience has been: In Quinn has released all four books in this series and, for me, that is just. Absence truly might make my fickle heart grow fonder. It is what it is. Next, I can give a pass to the trope of a superbadawful happened that a person is having a hard time getting over. Allllllllll that being bitched and whined about, I still highly recommend Meghan Quinn. View all 9 comments. Good stuff from Meghan Quinn I so love this book.

Now to do the review justice. That will be tough. I am in love with Tucker! And I already know it is one of my faves so far this year Hitting my Best Of tag!

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