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The photos below may help a bit. Both were taken off Remington s, with the one on the left, a that I bought new October 10, This has been rebored to a 35 Whelen Improved. The one on the right again a , but with a shorter barrel that I made into a knock around quad rifle with pivot mounts.

They however continued to mark the date code on the end flap of the shipping box for shotgun barrels however. They planned on using just the serial numbers to tell when the gun was manufactured. So there was a 2 year gap in rifle date coded barrels and the normal consumer, or gunsmith would have to contact the factory for this information.

You will notice the year code repeats itself, but over 20 years difference, so even if it was used on the same model, in all likelihood sights or stocks would be different which would indicate the different date. Also some letters were left out if there was a chance of misidentifying a date. Also they jockeyed year letters to a new starting point in Thank you for your interest in Remington! Most dealers do not purchase direct from Remington, they order through wholesalers and distributors.

We have a Retail Locator on our site which is a list of dealers that carry Remington products. This should assist you with finding Remington products in your area. This is an ever growing list and does not include every dealer. You can find this dealer locator HERE. You can also find some of our products at Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, and your local sporting goods store. If you do not see your local dealer on this list, please have them log on to the Partner section of our website so we can include them as well.

For deer, antelope, sheep and goat we recommend at point of impact that you have ft lbs minimum, ft lbs is suggested as adequate and ft lbs is the best for a humane kill. For Elk or bear up to lbs: For large bear or moose: To properly break in or "season" a rifle barrel we reccomend you use a good quality cleaning rod, a good quality bronze brush and patch tip, flannel patches and quality bore solvent. For the first 20 shots, you should do the following:. For each of the next 10 shots, run a patch saturated with Rem Oil through the bore after every two shots, and follow up with a patch saturated with Remington Brite Bore, and finally a clean patch to remove all residue.

Now follow the cleaning guidelines below:. Stain selection depends entirely on how dark you desire your stock to be. The final choice should be governed by your taste. Applying a small amount of stain to the barrel channel inletting may be helpful to your decision making process. For best results, follow the stain manufacturer's directions closely, since the method of application and drying and curing time may vary. There are many types of finish available on the market that will give a beautiful, durable finish, and unless you are familiar with the pros and cons of each finish, seek the advice of a finish expert.

Your local hardware store may be a good place to look. Boiled linseed oil or tung oil is an excellent choice of a wood sealer that penetrates and hardens to form a durable, low gloss finish. These finishes usually can be applied with a clean rag and allowed to soak in before the excess is removed. If you need further assistance, we suggest taking your firearm to a Remington Authorized Repair Center. We ask that Remington Law Enforcement Distributors sell these models to law enforcement and government agencies.

We want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of government and law enforcement agencies for tactical models.

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You may find some dealers will sell them to civilians if they have a good supply however we do not offer a list of L. A lot of our early rifles do not have serial numbers. Before it was not mandatory for us to use serial numbers. To check the rifles manufacturing date, we would use the barrel code. The barrel code is a series of letters found on the barrel close to the receiver, on the left hand side. Additionally you could send it back to us at the factory and we would be glad to look at it for you:. Remind other gun owners that they should have their guns checked out periodically by a qualified gunsmith.

The model number is usually stamped on the side of the receiver. Some models it could be on underside of the firearm, just forward of the trigger guard. There are many variables that play a part in determining which scope is best for your needs. Are you using a rifle or shotgun?

What caliber or gauge will you be using? What types of terrain and distances will you be hunting at? For assistance with your specific scope and scope mounting needs, please contact one of the scope manufacturers to find out which scopes and mounts will fit your situation.

Firearms For Sale

For your convenience we have included some web sites that you may wish to visit:. Remington offers a number of different stocks to suit your individual hunting or shooting needs. You can order a factory approved part by calling us at or through our online store at www. There are also many aftermarket companies that offer stocks that fit our firearms. Here are 3 examples of companies that offer synthetic stocks that will fit some of our rifles and shotguns:.

Brownell's offers a variety of parts for Remington firearms. You can view the products they offer at:. Our tests are conducted in an enclosed area, with a 24" test barrel in most cases, with the barreled action locked into a vice. As a result, your calculations may vary from what we have on our ballistics chart. Special attention should be taken that oil is removed from action parts. If a lubricant is desired, use dry graphite or similar non-congealing lubricant such as Rem Dri Lube.

Note also that as the temperature rises, condensation can occur. There is a jack screw that allows you to regulate the point of aim on the barrels. The left barrel is considered a fixed barrel and the right is a floating barrel. The fixed barrel is set at 50mm.

Designed with unique safety and functional features, the Viper is ideal for hunting, plinking, or target shooting use by youngsters and adults. The strong, lightweight synthetic stock is textured and checkered for good control with a slim pistol grip and semi-beavertail fore-end that fits shooters of all ages. Its strong synthetic receiver is topped with a grooved scope-mounting rail, and the barrel is equipped with adjustable, centerfire-type iron sights.

Furnished with 10 round magazine clip. Remington Model was produced from The Model which was offered from was only offered in certain short action and short action magnum calibers. The Model will accept scope mounts. The scope base is a standard Model Seven scope base. You can use a 1 piece or a 2 piece base. An article in the Army Times January stated that Remington will make M24 Sniper Rifles available to service members for a limited time.

There is no set "break in" procedure for the Model ML. We do recommend swabbing the bore between shots with a cleaning patch saturated with Remington All Natural Wonderlube paste. This helps to remove fouling and will actually season the bore resulting in easier cleaning and increased accuracy. The Model was completely redesigned from the Model The barrel, bolt, receiver and action bar have been enhanced. Internal parts are not interchangeable between these models. Rear stocks are interchangeable but fore-ends are not.

We no longer house parts for the Model which has been discontinued since If you need parts or service for this model, please check with a Specialty Parts Dealer. With this muzzleloader, we have received our best results on average using grains of Pyrodex Select and about a grain sabot. However, as with any muzzleloader, you will have to experiment to find which load will provide you with your best performance.

This generally provides a good starting point. While the pellets are compatible, we have found our best performance to come with granular powder. Also, we would recommend swabbing the barrel in between each shot with a pre-lubed Remington cleaning patch to help minimize fouling and further season the barrel. While the Remington Model muzzleloader, can use up to three gr. Due to the many variables involved with valuation, we would encourage you to refer to the many publications that are available on the subject of gun values or have it appraised by a collector.

Many of these books are available through public libraries or local bookstores. For your convenience we have provided a listing of the more popular books:. Remington does not accept responsibility for the goods or services provided by these sources. The weather shroud is used on the Model ML produced when hunting in adverse weather conditions.

It helps prevent moisture contamination of the powder charge which could result in a mis-fire.

Remington Firearms Serial Numbers

The weather shroud should be removed after each use and thoroughly cleaned. Always remember to clean the bolt assembly inside and out as shown in your owner's manual, after using the weather shroud. We offer a new metal shroud for use with the Primers. Burris offers bases to fit the Model Following are the part numbers. Contact a local dealer to purchase or order these bases.

Warne offers bases for both models. Remington does not offer these bases however contact a local dealer with the following part numbers to purchase or order. The magazine assembly for the Model is interchangeable with the Model as long as it is of the same caliber. You can order this item through your local dealer or by calling our parts department at M-F EST. The R3 pad creates too soft a bearing surface area for this process to function properly.

Remington introduced the Model and Model , along with 5mm Remington rimfire ammunition in We believed that the 5mm cartridge, with a velocity of feet per second, was superior to the. Mag cartridge with a velocity of feet per second. Unfortunately, we were unable to convince the shooting public. Therefore, we chose to discontinue manufacturing the Model and Model in Manufacturing of the 5mm ammunition was discontinued in For additional assistance you may wish to contact the following companies that specialize in older and obsolete ammunition. Martinsburg, WV Ph: Additionally, Aguilla, a Mexico based ammunition manufacturer is now producing 5mm Remington Magnum ammo.

It will be marketed in the U. On the Model XR the laminated thumbhole stock features a vented beavertail fore-end for faster barrel cooling. We no longer house any parts for this model. For your convenience we have included a link below to a list of establishments that may offer parts or services for your older Remington firearm. Many rimfire bullets are made of lead. Because lead bullets are soft they have a tendency to strip or rub off some of their outer material as they travel down the barrel.

Most ammunition manufacturers apply a wax-like coating to the bullet which reduces the amount of lead deposited into the bore of the firearm as each shot is fired. This wax lubricant can also assist the feeding of the bullet from the magazine into the chamber in some semi-auto firearms. You can find many of these cleaning products through your local dealer or through our online store at https: Another means of reducing lead fouling in rimfire guns is achieved by applying a very thin layer of copper or brass plating to the bullet.

This plating process is usually applied to high velocity rimfire ammunition because lead fouling in the barrel increases as velocity of the ammunition increases. In the vast majority of cases, this is not actually a problem with the batteries. After production of the Remington Digital Optic Systems began, an issue with the programming in the charging cradle was found that would prevent the cradle from recognizing a deeply-discharged battery could be charged. This would cause the cradle to not charge the battery and turn on the red indicator light when charging was attempted.

The sticker used was in two primary forms, but the presence of ANY sticker indicates the cradle firmware is up-to-date. One version was simply a white sticker with the number 2 hand-written on it. See the attached picture. The other common form was a small rectangular sticker. This is a version of the Model that was discontinued in It featured an engraved receiver, trigger guard and high gloss walnut stock. The letter "S" stands for Sporter.

The largest capacity magazine assembly offered by Remington for the Model and is four rounds. We do not offer any larger magazine assemblies for parts sales nor are these magazines interchangeable.

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If you wish to purchase a replacement magazine, you can do so through our online store at https: You should thoroughly clean the bolt and firing pin assembly after each use and especially before long term storage. This cleaning should involve removing the firing pin assembly from the bolt and cleaning each with a recommended powder solvent and lubricating oil.

Holding the bolt assembly, unscrew the firing pin assembly and slide it out of the bolt body. Clean the firing pin assembly as a unit. No further disassembly is required. The use of a non-recommended lubricant could cause serious function problems, possibly leading to accidental firing. The PRA Accelerator bullet is designed with an exposed lead tip, in a configuration that is a bit more blunt than a typical.

The geometry of the bullet tip combined with the fact that the recoil level of this round in a rifle is very low; makes this round safe to shoot in rifles with tubular magazines. This is the Remington Model A3. As this gun was built under government contract, at the end of production all records were returned to the Ordnance Commission.

If you look on the barrel, just behind the front sight, you will see the date of manufacture stamped there. There were over a million of these guns produced. One scope ring is more than adequate to secure a scope on a single shot, bolt action. Although the Model and Model shotguns are very similar in design we do not recommend that the barrels be interchanged between models.

The extractors and corresponding extractor cuts in the barrel extensions differ. The locations of the barrel seal grooves in the magazine tubes are in slightly different places. Most of all it is an unsafe practice to exchange parts between models unless it is a documented fact that the different models use the same parts.

You can view a list of extra shotgun barrels through the parts section of our website located HERE. All RemChokes can be interchanged between Remington RemChoke shotgun barrels as long as they are the same gauge. You can find a Remington Dealer through our Retail Locator. Yes, the Model , or turkey shotgun can be used for deer hunting. You would need to change either the barrel or choke tube to one that would correspond with the ammunition you would be using.

Listed below you will find our choke tube recommendations for deer hunting: If you wish to order an additional choke or replacement barrel, you can do so through your local dealer, by calling our parts department at , or directly through our online store at http: Please provide us with the above information along with a brief description of the gun and we will furnish to you the information that we have available. You can send this information to the following:. For a complete list of our compact model shotguns, please check the compact section of our site here. For compact model rifles, please check the following link here.

Our left handed product line is ever evolving in an attempt to meet the needs of the left handed shooter. Currently our left hand shotguns are only available in 12 gauge in Model and Versa Max. Please refer to the maintenance section of your owner's manual for proper care maintenance of your firearm. You will need the serial number of the firearm as well as your repair number. The Model 16 gauge with a fixed choke barrel was offered prior to In , it was brought back into production with a Rem Choke barrel. The Model Wingmaster in 16 gauge was produced from and the Model Express was produced from Currently the 28 gauge is only offered in the Model Sporting.

Choke tubes can be purchased through your local dealer, on our online store or by calling us at Clay targets are not considered biodegradable.

Modern Sporting

Studies have not concluded at this time if the targets will ever degrade on land or in water. The targets may be harmful to animals or humans if ingested. We recommend that people do not shoot targets on land where horses or cattle graze or over bodies of water. If you wish to purchase additional keys or for price and availability, you can order these by calling us at M-F EST or order directly through our online store at http: If you are concerned that your gun is involved in a recall we would suggest that you review the information found in our Safety Center at: Many Remington parts can be ordered through our online Country store, to visit the Remington online parts store Click http: Rebuilding, refinishing, and other work take a little longer than standard repairs.

You can find more details about this on the Repair Services page on our website. There are many items that can affect the cycling of an autoloading shotgun. If you have checked these items and your firearm is still not operating properly, we recommend that you have your firearm evaluated by a Remington Authorized Repair Center or our factory. The narrowing found at the muzzle end of most shotgun barrels is a choke. The choke controls the shot pattern and determines at what distance the shotgun will be most effective.

Just as the nozzle on a hose controls the spray of water, the choke of a shotgun barrel controls the spread of the shot. This shot spread is called the "pattern". From the tightest to the widest spread, chokes are described as "full", "modified" and "improved cylinder". A gun that has no choke is called a cylinder bore". If your firearm is designed for interchangeable chokes, always be sure there is a choke tube installed or you could damage the threads in the end of the barrel.

Best for trap shooting, pass shooting waterfowl, turkey hunting and shooting buckshot loads. Excellent for all-around hunting of waterfowl, long-range flushing upland birds such as late-season pheasant and sharptail grouse as well as other small game. Also used for trap shooting.

Ideal for close-in small game shooting, upland bird hunting such as quail, grouse and pheasant as well as hunting waterfowl close over decoys. Rifled slugs also perform very well from this choke. Some parts may be restricted. See parts list for details. This online tracking tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While different chokes are offered in different models, these choke tubes and the constrictions is now available in one concise list.

If you have an older model Remington firearm and are unsure of the model, you may be able to identify it by the patent date. The Rem Choke tube system is used on a number of Remington shotguns including the Model , Model , and Model Rem Chokes and other shotgun parts can be ordered through your local dealer, by calling our parts department at M-F 9am-5pm EST, or through our online store at http: The Rem choke system is for some Remington barrels that are threaded at the muzzle for interchangeable screw in Remington choke tubes.

Always make sure that you have a choke tube installed when using a Rem choke barrel. You can damage the threads if you shoot your firearm without a choke tube in the barrel. For a list of Remington Choke tubes, please go to our online store at http: We recommend patterning your shotgun to determine which choke constriction provides the best patterns in your shotgun. Typically, most shotguns will produce better patterns with a more open choke constriction; improved cylinder or modified.

The more open choke tubes result in less pellet deformity as the shot charge passes through the choke with the larger buckshot pellets and will typically pattern better than a full choke. Using a rifled choke tube may deform the slug which could then cause an inaccurate shot. Optimal performance with sabot slugs can be obtained from our fully rifled slug barrels. Since these slugs do not have any rifling on them, they will need rifling from the choke tube or fully rifled barrel to insure optimum accuracy.

Both the smooth bore barrels and fully rifled barrels as well as a number of choke tubes are available from Remington for most Remington Model , Model , and Model shotguns. You can order these through your local dealer, by calling our parts department at M-F 9am-5pm EST or through our online store at http: Remington offers a number of extra barrels for the models SP, , , and which can make your firearm more versatile.

You can view a number of our extra barrels for these models through our online store at http: Please be sure to follow all warnings and notes regarding extra barrels and proper fit. The entire line of Spartan shotgun barrels have chrome lined bores; i.

Remington Barrel Code and Serial Number, How to Find Out Manufacture Date

SPR, , , , Some of our shotguns are offered with the designation of "Special Purpose". These shotguns are manufactured for, but not limited to, a particular hunting situation such as waterfowl, turkey, or deer hunting. They come with additional features which could include slings, camouflage, black matte finish, special choke tubes or special sights.

A pressure-compensating barrel is one that will automatically direct gas pressure through the barrel gas cylinder allowing it to properly react with almost all types of 12 Ga. The Model Super Magnum is designed to cycle field loads or heavier. These firearms are not designed for target loads.

You can download an owner's manual for our current production firearms at www. The thread size of the ivory bead front sight on our blued finish barrels is x A replacement front bead can be ordered direct from the factory by calling or you can order online at http: Please note that some models have a front sight that is pressed in. Since our copper-plated turkey loads use a lead-based shot, they will be safe to use in our Turkey choke tubes or any of our other Lead Only choke tubes. This includes the Turkey Extended Straight Rifled choke tube as well.

Our Trap choke tubes will only be designed for Lead Shot. Our Rifled and Extended Rifled deer choke tubes can be used in vent rib barrels. You can shoot the newer sabot style slugs through these Rem chokes, however your best accuracy with the sabot style slugs will come with a fully rifled barrel. We recommend an improved cylinder choke for shooting rifled slugs and a modified for shooting buckshot.

Remington fully rifled barrels should only be used with Sabot Slugs. They are not intended for use with lead or steel shot. The rifling will deform the shot causing it to be inaccurate. If you are looking for a "multi-purpose" barrel, we would suggest purchasing a smooth bore, Rem-Choke barrel. With this interchangeable choke barrel, you can use a fully rifled choke tube for Sabot Slugs, or an improved cylinder, modified, or full choke for lead or steel shot.

Always verify your receiver and barrel type and read the safety instructions on the barrel before use. With heavy loads there is more than enough gas to properly function the Model Super Magnum. When the gun is operating too fast, this could result in timing related malfunctions, such as: Additionally, this could result in premature wear on the receiver which would be a very expensive repair. You can fit the Model or Special Field with any Model or stock.

You must, of course, use 12 Ga. On the 20 Ga. Keep in mind, some stocks may require a different stock bolt. You can order replacement parts through our parts department by calling M-F 9am-5pm EST. The Model SPRS is cast, however all others are not cast to enable a right or left-hand shooter to use these firearms.

Because our firearms are camouflaged by an outside vendor, we would be unable to have your shotgun camouflaged at the factory. Using the barrel seal activator on firearms other than the Super Mag will prematurely wear out parts by causing excessive bolt speed, without enhancing function or performance. The reason it is used on the Model Super Mag is because of the wide range of ammo that the gun is required to shoot. In order to allow the Super Mag to shoot a wide variety of loads, we implemented using the barrel seal activator. The Remington factory would not offer camo refinishing, however the following camo vendor may be a source.

This is purely for informational reference. The Sportsman series of firearms were designed to bring Remington firearms to the hunter in lower priced versions. While Sportsman 78 parts will interchange with the Model ADL, we do not recommend exchanging bolts between rifles. Each bolt is individually fitted to each firearm. Should you need to order parts for your firearm, you can contact our Parts and Repair Department at Mon-Fri EST or visit our online store at http: Most of the Remington shotguns are not drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

We do not recommend having this type of alteration done to a receiver that did not come from the factory drilled and tapped. Suggestions for mounting a scope are a saddlemount which mounts over the receiver, or a cantilever barrel. You can view a list of Remington extra barrels through our online store at http: The following after-market dealers may be a source for saddle mounts. We currently do not offer any firearms directly online. We do sell some parts for firearms direct as well as a variety of accessories but all other products need to be purchased through your local dealer.

To view our online store please visit us at http: Remington Turkey Chokes do extend past the end of the barrel. This is normal, and it is safe for all lead Turkey shot. Turkey choke tubes are not designed for use with steel shot. For options of Remington Choke tubes, please visit our online store at http: Please fill out the repair form from the Repair Services page and include it with the firearms when you send it back to us.

If you contact us at or by email HERE. With the model of your firearm and barrel code, we can determine the date of manufacture. The barrel guide stud is only used as an aid when installing the barrel. It has no effect on the function of the firearm, therefore the factory would not need to replace the barrel guide stud if broken. If you still have concerns and wish to have the barrel guide stud reinstalled, please contact us at to obtain a Service Request Number.

It was a 12 gauge autoloading lightweight, low-recoil shotgun and was voted Shotgun of the Year by Shooting Industry magazine. This shotgun was produced from The light contour shotgun barrel is a few ounces lighter than the standard contour barrel due to the thinner contour on the outside diameter of the barrel.

The barrel can still safely shoot factory loaded ammunition with the correct choke installed. Check the markings on the barrel as to what it is chambered for as well as the chokes as to whether it is marked "lead only". To get the figure for the drop at the comb, you measure distance from a straight line extended along the rib of a shotgun rearward toward the butt.

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Measure the difference to the top of the stock at the comb and the heel. The twist rate of our fully rifled shotgun barrels is 1 twist in 35" in 12 gauge shotgun barrels and 1 in 28" in the 20 ga shotgun barrels. These barrels are designed to shoot sabots. We do not recommend shooting rifled slugs or buckshot in the fully rifled barrels.

This will leave a lead residue in the rifling and will deform the lead projectiles, which will alter the pattern and performance. All of the full choke tubes that are rated for steel or lead are a darker color due to the different type of steel used and the heat treatment. If you wish to purchase additional choke tubes for your shotgun, you can do so through your local Remington dealer, by calling our parts department at M-F EST, or directly through our online store at. Modern smokeless powders burn in the first 13 to 16 inches of the barrel and maximum velocities are obtained in the first 20 inches.

Shot will carry the same distance regardless of the barrel length. Shot pattern will be the same whether the barrel is 21 inches in length or 30 inches in length, if the barrel has the same choke constriction. Our experts state there would be a small variation in velocity when using a inch barrel as compared with a inch barrel; however, the variation would be immeasurable. The basic advantage of a shorter barrel is that it will swing faster. The longer barrel gives the hunter a longer sight radius to be more precise, particularly when pass shooting waterfowl. Also, the longer barrel can often help balance certain shotguns better.

Extra barrels are listed in our online store at. The Model barrels do not interchange with the Model which was discontinued in The dimensions of the receiver are different. Here are some differences, and why they are not interchangeable:. The gas cylinders are welded in slightly different locations. This is partly because the Model has a longer magazine tube. The Model also has 2 gas orifice holes.

The Model is pressure compensated. There is a relief cut made into the gas cylinder to accommodate the spring. The Model gas cylinder will not have the relief cut or the spring or the two additional holes. The extractor relief cut on the Model uses a wider extractor. Therefore, the extractor cut in the breech end of the barrel will be wider than the Model The barrel extension on the Model has a slightly longer barrel extension.

This is the part that connects directly into the receiver. There are actually a couple other slight differences. If you were to use a Model barrel on an Model , basically the barrel will slam back into the receiver every shot. Also, the bolt velocities are increased. Eventually, the front of the receiver will crack, maybe even chip off. The synthetic stock and fore end will fit the Model If the gun is equipped with the light contour barrel, the fore end fit will be a little loose.

You can find a variety of replacement stocks and other parts through our online store at. Remington no longer offers parts or service for the Model This service is offered to replace parts that can be worn over time and to help insure an extended life for the firearm. You can find instructions for sending your firearm to Laib's Gunsmithing below:. The following parts involved in the update are: Shotgun barrels are classified by "gauge"--a term that refers indirectly to the bore diameter of a shotgun.

It is not a direct measurement but is calculated as the number of lead balls of a bore diameter required to make up one pound. This is an old British measurement system. Gauge is determined by taking lead balls the same diameter of the gun's bore, then counting the total number of those lead balls it takes to equal one pound. You most likely have the Remington Autoloading Shotgun, which was later re-named the Remington Model 11 in This gun was the first successful autoloading shotgun built in the United States.

It was designed and patented by John Browning, who reached a licensing and manufacturing agreement with Remington in It was introduced in 12 gauge in , 20 gauge in and 16 gauge in and was discontinued in If you have a noticeable, and often ornate, pattern on the barrel or barrels on an older shotgun, chances are that you have Damascus barrels on the gun.

The pattern on Damascus barrels was a result of the manufacturing process. The barrels were a product of layered steel and iron strips that were heated and forged together, then twisted in a lathe-type device, then heated and twisted around a mandrel while being hammered and welded. Early Model and 20 Ga. The serial number on these shotguns end in an "X" or a "N". The barrel guide ring gas cylinder brazed to the barrel, was a 12 Ga.

These barrels are no longer available from the factory as they were discontinued in Most people will have disposed of the box a long time ago, and so it's unfortunate that the serial numbers were not stamped on the barrel during those 3 years. Thankfully, after , Remington went back to having the serial numbers stamped on the barrel again. One thing that you might notice when you examine the chart above, the letters for the year code repeat themselves. This means that sometimes you will have to consider the specific model of Remington firearm that you have.

For instance, if you have a Remington rifle that you know was made a long time ago, then you won't expect the year date code to be from recent times. Some models of Remington guns were only produced during a certain time period. Knowing that can also help you to better decipher the date codes from your Remington firearms serial numbers. Main Home Page Main site home page.

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dating remington shotguns Dating remington shotguns
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dating remington shotguns Dating remington shotguns
dating remington shotguns Dating remington shotguns
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