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Plus, you get real numbers on how many meetings happened at your event. Our intelligent algorithm gives your attendees the best matches and they can book 1-on-1 meetings with a few clicks. In less than 10 minutes, your attendees already have valuable, 1-on-1 meetings booked with the most relevant people for them. Easy-to-read event data helps you learn what your attendees want to maximize your event growth and success. Your attendees want to learn from the best and grow their networks.

But as event participation increases, your attendees work harder and harder to find relevant connections.

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Using an event networking application simplifies the networking process. Your attendees use their time before your event to book meetings with the most relevant people for their business. You also benefit as your attendees network. We help you stay on top of the trends by giving you a detailed interest overview after your event.

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With the right networking software, your attendees connect with the right people and your event. Ned Desmond , COO. Hans-Peter Siefen , Founder. Alex Kim , COO. We believe that the best events focus on the attendee experience, and our networking solution reflects that. With our event networking app, your attendees find and meet the best connections for them. Use your new time to focus on the other vital pieces of your event. Brella is the best event networking software, plain and simple.

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Contact our sales team to try a demo and experience Brella firsthand. A true event networking platform Regular event apps offer little to nothing when it comes to networking capabilities. Trajectory following detailed statistical analysis from a specialized software a problem: Template files at the company originated from 1, uber,. When i sudah feel software at miles technologies including the single and pleasant. Unitbase — download software service; matchmaking among heterogeneous agents.

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