Is it bad to hook up with your friends crush

Grow up and start thinking of someone other than yourself. If she and the guy had strong feelings for each other it would be different. There would be a potential, long term relationship but there was nothing of that type here. To me, it almost sounded like she was putting her friend in her place, so to speak. Skyblossom June 26, , 1: Why does it matter if he does as well? LW, you and the hot neighbour should just admit that neither of you has a shred of integrity. That leaves you both free to bone anything that moves.

I hooked up with my friend’s crush

As a last act of kindness before you depart the human race, break up with your BFF. I wonder about LWs like this.

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Is she tending toward sociopathic? Did she grow up in an emotionally devoid home? Why does she want an emotionally unavailable relationship? What kind of life has the friend lived that she would maintain a friendship like this? TheGrumpapotamus June 26, , RedRoverRedRover June 26, , Did anyone else think at one point that this letter sounds fake? Who talks like that? And who calls themselves emotionally unavailable?

It just gave me a weird feeling. Ika June 26, , Skyblossom June 26, , I think it is real. I think the anger and feelings expressed at the end are real. I think the LW tries to prevent herself from being hurt by being emotionally unavailable and by having relationships with men who are emotionally unavailable but she is still ending up hurt and angry while at the same time hurting her friend and the guy.

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They all sound emotionally immature and unable to form solid relationships based on mutual respect and mutual care. Guy Friday June 26, , No one is going to explicitly call her out on this?: How is this different? Is it a little petty for him to announce that to the LW? Is it dangerous for him to go back to a girl he knows has feelings for him? She wants to be casual and sleep around, so she needs to just live by her own rules. My main problem with this is him bringing the other friend into their fucked up games.

The bad part of what he is doing is that he is probably trying to have sex with the friend just to get even with the LW. The friend is the one who is going to be used and hurt again. I doubt he wants to get back with her for any other reason. Stonegypsy June 26, , Really, I think it goes without saying that Yes, she absolutely does deserve to be treated this way. Breezy AM June 26, , I can get that, I really can. And I remember operating …. But this is just drama. I agree BFF had no claim on him after they ended things, but riddle me this: Because both being open is what causes shit to hit the fan.

Yeah, I kind of got that feeling too. K June 26, , LW, you are pretty horrible. I went through something similar. A few years ago, I was in love with a guy from work. We hung out and hooked up for about 3 years, on and off. We lost our virginity to each other. I told everything to another close work friend, because we talked about things like that, and she knew how I felt about him. She had another boyfriend at the time.

Work guy led me on for a long time. I finally found out that my work friend had started dating work guy. I was really upset, and ended my friendship with her. She never apologized until a year later, when she sent me an email semi-apologizing and semi-blaming me as well. At least my former friend is still with the guy. Anon June 26, , Bittergaymark June 26, , This lw is insufferable.

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The person I feel for is the friend. Sounds like she needs a new bff and some higher standards in men. TheGrumpapotamus June 26, , 1: In a FWB situation, you take it or leave it. The bigger question is why your friend is still friends with you. You went behind her back to try to break them up, you gave her an F you at least the way you tell it regarding your desire to sleep with her ex, and then you actually do sleep with him. If this was a mild attraction and you just wanted something casual, then why him?

I had a friend like you in high school. Not a very attractive quality. While she had a boyfriend. She came to her senses after a couple of months and realized what a complete bitch she was. If she had no remorse, I would have easily dropped her. Like your friend should do with you. I hope and pray her roomie is just counting the days until she can move out. You can clearly get hot dudes if you want them. Stop acting like a cat pissing on trees and appreciate that guys your age are into you. When you pull away from someone it often causes them to push back towards you because it wounds their ego.

Sounds like both of them are conceited game players and the BFF should be rid of them both. BFF should find a better quality of people to associate with. My best friend and I had a rule.

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We never dated our friends family members or exes. She passed away and I miss her so much! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dear Wendy June 26, Columns 75 comments.

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Last summer we met a really hot guy at the pool in our apartment complex. Upon meeting him, my friend had a love-at-first-sight reaction while I was mildly attracted to him at best. Since she was really into him, she asked for his number. From the summer months into the fall she got closer to him by inviting him over to our place for dinner occasionally and hanging out with him outside our place or over at his. I started to get attracted to him and enjoy his company but maintained my distance out of respect for my girl.

I wonder how people like this actually handle real problems. It drives me crazy!! The booster is critical. Probably at least one a year to combat teen hormones. No one needs friends like this. I just noticed it. This chick sounds like a real piece of work. Her friend and the guy need to MOA. The guy sounds like a matching piece of work. Oh, I can think of at least one person of my acquaintance who talks like that.

I hooked up with my friend's crush - Love

I called her on it. Well, then, I apologize to the people who I missed saying that.

But holy hypocrisy, Batman! Replying because I love your acronym. Ditch your friend, first of all. She sounds like no good, and possibly a future homewrecker for your relationships. As far as the guy goes.. Sure, you can let him know, but it's not going to change anything. He's either interested or he's not.. Personally i'd say go for someone else, because if your best friend hooked up with him she could have done some damage as far as make him not interested - but im just assuming in that point.

If you still really like him, go for it.. But if he keeps hooking up with your friend, he's not really that interested.. This Site Might Help You. Recently, him and I started talking and I thought that we were just becoming close friends but we hooked up last weekend, and this weekend all our friends are out of town going skiing except for the two Well 1 you should of asked her first 2 you shouldn't have hooked up with her brother if she finds out most likely you guys wont be friends think if its worth it the keep hanging out with him if not you need to say sorry my friend liked you first.

If u knew ur best friend liked him you shouldnt of even given this boy the chance to get close to you for things to happen you have two options tell the guy u cant continue it in as u dont want to hurt your best friend or stay with him and lose your best friend. He will prob end up fuking you over anyway then in the long run u would of lost both ways i say ditch him and be honest with your Bestfriend the longer you leave it the mote angry she would prob be with u.

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I hooked up with my best friend's crush?

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is it bad to hook up with your friends crush Is it bad to hook up with your friends crush
is it bad to hook up with your friends crush Is it bad to hook up with your friends crush
is it bad to hook up with your friends crush Is it bad to hook up with your friends crush
is it bad to hook up with your friends crush Is it bad to hook up with your friends crush
is it bad to hook up with your friends crush Is it bad to hook up with your friends crush

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