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That's when it clicks that his girlfriend is from an alternate future. So using this, we can see that before the Time Team went back to stop Rittenhouse, they were living in a future where the race car driver won the race and there wasn't an explosion because Rittenhouse had a different plan in that timeline. Then Rittenhouse makes a new decision about this sleeper agent for whatever reason, decides to give him the bomb, and then the events unfold as we saw.

The timeline where the race car driver was a hero to young Wyatt is then erased but because the Time Team participated in those events and because they were apart of the timeline before this new set of changes occurred, they remember the old timeline, and then learn about the new timeline when they arrive back home. After every mission in season 1, they were always coming back and asking, "ok what changed did we change anything? So the Timeless Timeline is constantly in a state of revision and change due to the acts of both the Time Team and Rittenhouse.

I don't think Rittenhouse realizes that their changes are also affecting their own plans and how they make them. They think that they're altering events for their benefit but it's possible that they're actually hurting themselves as well. They could be the instrument of their own destruction? So what prompted that change? Were they looking at events in the past and realized "oh we can totally use this guy" without realizing that they were the ones that planted him in the first place? Did Rittenhouse from Timeline B send their agent back in time, who killed another Rittenhouse Agent from Timeline A so that he could take his place without realizing they were both on the same side?

This is where the whole Terminator thing really makes sense because changes upon changes are stacking up and the timeline is always in flux and antagonists from different timelines keep popping back to the past and the future and turning it all into a giant mess that's worse than Flashpoint or what the Legends just did. The driver was sent back, had a family, decided to betray Rittenhouse and not go through with the plan this is what Wyatt remembers. Emma and the Rittenhouse goon go back to blackmail the driver into completing his mission.

That would mean the guy deciding to allow his wife and unborn child to die, which doesn't seem likely from what we see. Why would his wife and child die in B? Emma isn't present to enforce his compliance in that timeline. They dropped him off years earlier with his orders. Emma's got better things to do than to check up on all their sleeper agents because the history books will say if they completed their mission or not. She only goes back to the day of the race because the altered history showed him not following the plan. If he'd gone through with it the first time he'd be dead, Emma wouldn't have gone back a second time, and the lifeboat wouldn't have followed her.

Loved Poul Anderson's non-explanation of a time paradox in his "Time Patrol" stories. We just did, that's all". I think the more you try to directly observe time travel and explain it, the more confusing it gets because the universe doesn't want you to try to understand it. I like to think that another team showed up in their place from a different timeline, popped out, saw that things were different, and continued on as normal It shows history won't be relatively the same in the end anymore; anyone can be a sleeper agent.

Famous people are being dragged to the future. Non-famous people are being dragged into the past. Jiya transcends the natural timeline. I'm ready to see time get as fucked up as possible. So Jiya can see what's going to happen Rufus' burn , so that doesn't fare well for the Golden Gate Bridge. And across timelines since Rufus' scar was in a different timeline. Jiya is the most fascinating character now.

Did not see that coming. I think she now exists outside of time, so changes to timeline don't effect her. It seems she can also observe those changs to a degree. My impression the first time I watched it was that it was the future. Then everyone said it was the past and now I'm confused when more. It was during the construction of the golden gate - you can see the cranes. This show rarely deals with the future, mostly the past, though I can see the future being a larger part of the show later on.

I do, especially now that Rittenhouse knows that they're not. It made sense when EVERYONE thought they were dead, since it would keep them safe, but now they can still be used against him in the future or past, hehe.

Dating Rules from My Future Self - 2x02 - LEGENDADO

I know what this really is They're tricking us to Sort of like the sci-fi show Andromeda. I'm aware that Neitsche's reputation was unfairly damaged. He had a sister who was married to a right-wing German. After his early death they inherited his writings and "edited" them, emphasizing the bits that fit in with their politics. Only much later did better editors re-evaluate the writings to see what he actually meant. In the pilot Lana Lang drops a schoolbook; Clark picks it up and notices the title "Man and Superman".

That's the first time the word is used in the series. The leader is now some guy from though, you have to wonder what his vision of a "perfection everlasting" looks like. Well that was a fun episode and I'm glad I get to have to time travel TV shows opposite each other with Legends of tomorrow on Mondays and Timeless on Sundays and what a fantastic combination they are!

The Meta jokes and the Star Wars references were bloody hilarious and I loved how they still managed to sneak in some character development for Wyatt, Wyatt and Lucy in a trunk because that's really a stroke of genius, setting up Mason for turning against everyone later on, Flynn being his usual self, a freaking car chase scene with bouncy music, and then we find out Jiya is actually having visions of the future.

Oh and while Rittenhouse was scary before, now they're even scarier because they have a total whack job in charge who has some artistic vision for meddling with time because that never really ends well for anyone. Also, what the hell was that picture of Lincoln that he was painting on top of, I mean I really want to find out what the hell all of that was???? That comment at the end from Emma either leads me to believe she's going to think he is way too crazy and eventually flip on Rittenhouse or she is going to be the most fanatical badass evil hot lady ever and stuff is just going to get worse to the point where she's totally fine with standing in a burning house.

Come on just let Wyatt and Lucy kiss already, is this going to be a running gag with them constantly getting interrupted? The chemistry with the cast is absolutely phenomenal and I can't help but see stuff from Supernatural throughout the show just the way things work and the way the writing flows. Which is a totally awesome thing because Kripke really did some of his best work during the first couple seasons of Supernatural. I'm so glad to have the time team back and they really are some of my favorite people to watch on TV right now.

Timeless S02E02 - The Darlington [SPOILERS] : Timeless

This may be a stupid question, but how did Wyatt and Lucy get out of the way when the cop ordered the trunk opened? I know their ally was stalling to make sure they heard and had time to do something, but what? They were in the smuggling compartment hidden in between the seats and the trunk. The one that he used to run moonshine with that we saw near the start of the episode when he popped it open to hand Wyatt a jug of the stuff. Why would Rittenhouse need a sleeper agent to blow up some car companies bigwigs?

Emma and the goon could've just planted a bomb or hit them with an RPG. Then that would be part of history instead of painting it as an accident? Idk this time thing messes with my mind and I just have to let things go to enjoy it as is. So much for the young JFK. Was that a preview of the whole season, or are they switching episodes around? This was a fun episode, even better than the premiere for me. I will never stop being amazed by the actors chemistry, the time team is perfect, just perfect.

This song is an oldie Well, it's an oldie where I come from. All right, guys, uh, listen. This is a blues riff in 'B', watch me for the changes, and try and keep up, okay? Lucy goes to the trouble of wearing a 50s-style dress to make sure she doesn't stick out -- then Emma shows up in blue jeans, which weren't fashionable for women in that era. Yeah, I thought that was a terrible move as well. Throw the man a bone, don't publically humiliate him like that.

I was a bit confused as to why Rittenhouse would want to kill auto industry executives, including those from Ford.

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Wasn't it already established that Henry Ford was part of Rittenhouse? I remember Henry Ford being apart of Rittenhouse as well. Very interesting how things are slowly being connected. Having sleeper agents slowly change things, is a nice plot device, but you can't immediately target the precise area of the time change.

They just target when Emma goes to activate them. They couldn't monitor when the mothership jumped before Mason and Jiya fixed the tech during the first episode.

So while they couldn't monitor it Emma dropped off a bunch of sleeper agents so that we don't know where the sleeper agents are, but now they can follow Emma when she goes to give them a mission. It's a weird time travel thing, but think of it like this. The instant she jumps to the past she hasn't changed things yet so there is still a little time to go back and try to stop her.

Once they follow Emma back then however they change the timeline definitely changes the future as well since no one else from the future can come back to further alter things since there's only two time machines. Obviously this breaks down if you start sending different people back in time to the same time period after you return to the future.

This is a miniscule thing that probably no one else cared about, but I really liked Lucy's hair ribbon.

That coupled with her pony tail is hot. I love the scene with Lucy and Wyatt hiding in the car while holding each other but again they got interrupted when they would kiss grr. Next week preview is looking great. Yah that's my theory. Rittenhouse faked her death so they could send her back in time as one of their sleeper agents. The team is going to end up encountering her at some point.

They'll probably have to kill her and it'll resolve the whole Wyatt trying to get his wife back situation, paving the way for Wyatt and Lucy to be together in the end.

Either Wyatt will decide to kill her but he'll be ok with it, or Lucy will be forced to, causing a brief rift between her and Wyatt. I feel like Jessica coming back this season is a guarantee at this point.

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She probably is Rittenhouse. How did Rittenhaus go back in time and place sleeper agents without the crew noticing they went back in time?

com Quality on Twitter, or having a commission at Content is available under threat.

Im assuming their ability to monitor the mothership was shot just like the time machine was for most of that time. If you google Darlington, the first page has stuff about the raceway. A little look could tell you that was the race weekend. And since Darlington is pretty much only famous because of that track, it seems really obvious. As big a fan as Wyatt seems, he should have instantly thought nascar when he heard the name, so he comes across looking pretty dumb as well.

Darlington is a very famous track with the old school nascar fans. Anyone that knows the name Wendell Scott knows what Darlington is. I think that was a generic item for eccentric item that is more commonly enjoyed by older generations. Just referring to all of the strange requirements he had at the beginning.

There has been lots of times when mistakes and bad things that happened led to good things happening that would not have happend if those bad things didn't happen. For example, as horrible as WWII was, a lot of good came from it. A lot of inventions we use every day and other concepts that we now have and depend on. Probably pretty expensive to do on an already expensive show. Darlington was the first asphalt track though and that was in My guess is it was easier for filming than trying to make a new track retaining walls, fences, stands, etc look retro.

dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent Dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent
dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent Dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent
dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent Dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent
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dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent Dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent
dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent Dating rules from my future self s02e02 torrent
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