Dating old tintypes

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It can be a maddening process! We wanted to put together a definitive guide to help you figure out how to date old photos. Scroll down to get started The process became most popular in period from , but began to wane in the following years.

How to Date Your Old Photos

If you have a photo that is cased, has a mirror-like quality where the image changes based on the angle, and the back of it looks like it has some copper and silver elements, you have a daguerrotype, which means likely There are ways to date the images inside this range, but for now lets move on to the next type: Ambrotypes are similar to daguerrotypes in that they were often preserved in similar cases, but the difference comes down to the process used and how it looks.

Many of the photographers also treated the images with some hand-tinting like the one above. While daguerrotypes and ambrotypes were generally expensive processes that could only be done in studio, the advent of tintypes brought photography to the masses. Don't let the name fool you: Tintypes were packaged in cases up to the very early s.

Online resources can help you piece together clues from different eras

Cartouche cards appeared in about These were thin cards with a window, usually oval, cut out, with an ornate design printed simulating a picture frame. These were only popular for a few years and were seldom used after Embossed window frames were popular during the civil war, first patented in and were used into the early s. Carnival tintypes were popular throughout the s.

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These usually show people in festive or posed settings, and may be in a colorful sleeve. Most tintypes are found loose today, because their paper sleeves have deteriorated or they were removed from albums.

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  • Brown or 'chocolate' plates as they were known were introduced in They have a distinct hue, though some may be subtle as there were three different tints available. Since the tintype lived a long and varied life, clothes and personal styles can be taken into account to help date a picture. Browse through the broader category of the s and s also to see more personal styles, even though the image may be a CDV.

    How to Date Old Photos - Daguerreotype, Cabinet Card, Tintype - Geneal

    The CDV and tintype overlapped during these eras as serious portrait photography. There is no tin in the tintype. It is a blackened iron sheet. It appears be turn of century, or even from the s of a baby. It appears to be on a very thin backing that feels like metal, but it is very flexible and if not held properly, it can bend when lifting.

    Is My Image a Tintype?

    Your email address will not be published. By Colin Harding on 25 May How to spot a ferrotype, also known as a tintype —s. In our next post about dating your old family photographs, Colin Harding shows you how to identify a ferrotype, more commonly known as a tintype. How to spot a collodion positive, also known as an ambrotype early s — s National Media Museum blog.

    Cased Images Daguerreotypes and Tintypes

    How to spot a carte de visite late s — c. Thank you, Elizabeth Arthur.

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      Packaging: Cases, Sleeves, Loose, or Albums

      Who do you contact to see if they want to purchase old photos tintypes? Drawing with light My reflective journal. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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