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My colleague, Chad, has a great blog with a wealth of information on the miniature cedar chests that Lane produced in their girl Graduate Program. Please check it out for more information! A friendly hello again dear collectors. Amazing that a month ago, we were almost to , and now, we only need 17 more likes to break our next barrier of So please, invite your friends to learn more about the hidden treasures that are to be found within their homes. A note on pricing as well while I have your attention.

Remember, with any antique, what someone will pay for the piece is the ultimate value. However, with miniature Lane Cedar Chests, there is an establis Of course, if it is from your home town and you've been searching for this piece for 20 plus years, you may be willing to pay a bit more for it. This varies with age, condition, and desirability. I was just browsing Ebay and I'm astonished what some people want for their chest!

Please just remember, when giving a value for your piece, I am giving a marketable price that is in a reasonable price range, I'm never trying to undervalue your precious pieces. Folks, we are 14 likes away from breaking the 1, barrier! Invite your friends to learn more about your special piece, and help us reach this goal.

Amazing how much information is out there on these pieces, just finding the time to uncover it all is the tricky part. The most accessible way to find out what your chest should be called is looking at Life Magazine around the time period it was produced. Lane had extensive advertising in this magazine. Has anyone ever had to reinstall the tray?

I have never encountered this. If someone has easy access to a chest like this and could post pictures that would be great!

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Can anyone help with how to reinstall the interior felt-lined tray? I have the s An amazing piece of advertising that showed up for me! Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? It is mint condition. It has a felt draw in the bottom See more. There is the lane stamp in the lid and these numbers underneath: Message to Don, first try to telephone they are very helpful and can direct to you to right person.

And message to Kris, try to look for serial number on back of Chest, this is where we found our serial number, they keep saying bottom but not with ours. Thank you so very much for Your reply Aedre. Hi there I have a lane cedar chest and I was just trying to get an idea of the date it may have been manufactured.

The style number is and there is no serial number. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to buy the air tight metal sealing strip for it. Can you tell me where I can purchase or order or get it? I will also need to order to replace the circular lock which Lane will replace free since it is an old model. Would appreciate an answer. Thank you for your time. I need to know the year this chest was made. The interior is in excellent condition with two upper side-by-side felt-bottom "jewelry shelves". The exterior is in rough condition.

Carved on the inside as well is stated "Features of this Article are Covered by one or more of the Following Patents: I have a Lane Cedar Chest on carved legs. It was given to my mother in or before. I saw a wonderful Lane Cedar Chest at a rummage sale that was completely upholstered on the outside with white leather or naugahyde, top and all sides. It had already been sold to someone else, and I didn't have a chance to check the serial number before it was taken away.

Is anyone familiar with this model? It looked like it may have come from the late 60s or early 70s. I just inherited this Lane Chest from my mother-in-law. It is Style No. Please help me with discovering year made? Thank you very much. I was given a Lane Cedar Chest Style If anyone has a picture of this chest would you be as kind to send to me MMaynardSR aol. I have a Lane Cedar Chest several years old maybe 30 and in excellent condition. I do not have any papers or information as to where or when it was bought, and I do not have a key for it.

Where would a serial number be, how can I get a key, and how can I find out what it is worth? By the way any post Lane chests have a serial number that is the date of production in reverse. I have a Lane Cedar Chest with a date of production The interior is excellent with the original tags still inside. The exterior is very good. Anyone have an idea of value on this? I have purchased a Lane Sweetheart Cedar Chest serial no. I have a Lane cedar chest style with the serial I would liketo know the year it was made and also where to find an original lock and key set and hinges.

I would also like to know the current value of this chest. Thanks to anyone who could help me. I have two lane cedar chests. On is style serial and the other is style serial Any ideas on what it may be worth? I have a Lane end table, Serial , Style No. Any idea on its worth? Hi, I recently inherited a maple Lane Cedar Chest. I would greately appreciate, Thanks! I just got a chest If your has 7 digits: If the chest was made after serial no.

Contact the same address above. The serial number is the date of manufacture backwards so your chest was made on Jan. Does anyones lane have a built in light? Can someone start a picture blog so we can post a picture of our lane chest. Mine has a insurance policy from etna attached to the inside stating up tp Looking for replacement lock for Lane Cedar Chest.

I am trying to find out where I can buy some of that metal seal with rubber in it, so when the lid is shut the chest is more tight to keep the smell of the ceder in the chest longer. And how much it might cost. Thank you so much for any help you may offer me. I would like to know if there is a website that may have pictures of the older styles. I have gotten my grandmothers cedar chest that is in very sad shape on the outside - but perfect on the inside.

I was hoping to find out more information about this particular style. Where would I find a replacement key for my Lane Cedar Chest purchased in ? I have a lane cedar chest that was purchased in I have lost the key and was wondering where I could find a key to fit it. Would like to know when it was manufactured and what would be the value? I have the original guaranty against moth damage. The lane company, inc. I have a Lane cedar chest stamped Alta Vista, Va.

Lane cedar chest restoration – StrathamWood Studios

Seems people don't part with them very often, I know I won't ever sell or give mine away. It has a style of , but I can't find a serial number on it anywhere. It is solid wood and in great shape, and still has the Moth Killer paper stapled to the inside of the lid. Any ideas how to find out what the serial number is? I have an old cedar chest I thought it may be a Lane or Cavalier but there are no markings to indicate that.

There is a pullout drawer near the bottom of the chest in the middle with the following: The only paper in it has: All the hinges and locks are made of brass. Does anyone have an idea of who could have manufactured this? Thanks Roger in Orlando Heidi My computer shut down couldnt post the whole response the only reason I thought the date was because they didnt start making the Lane Chest until March of Heidi Double check but I think your date would be Can anyone give me information on the age and value of this chest.

I saw above that you date it by reading the serial backwards. In that case would it be May 2, ? Would like to know value. I have a Lane cedar chest with two sets of numbers on the bottom of the chest. I find it humorous that so may people want to know the value of something that obviously has to be seen to even be close on value. The value of a lane cedar chest like much furniture depends on the rarity of that partiuclar model and year of chest and the current demand for it as well as the condition.

Most of the chests listed are worth around 2 or 3 hundred dollars, assuming good condition. A few older chests may be worth more, but none are going to be your ticket to retirement. That being said, some of the very early chests and very rare chests and very beautiful chests may be worth quite a bit more, but usually not work appraising. Put your linen in it. If you run out of money sell your car instead! I have a Lane cedar chest that has a white crackled finish serial style manafactured by Lane Altivista Va. Additional s Has warrentee on inside of lid.

Need information on Lane cedar chest style , serial One leg is missing, would like to purchase a leg if possible. I bought a Lane Cedar Chest from an elderly lady over 20 years ago, who claimed it belonged to her mother; and I would like to know the date of manufacture, please. The Style number is: The Serial number is: Inside the lid is stamped: It does not have a tray; and I don't know if it had one originally.

Thanking you in advance. The quality of 'Lane' products still remain as good as ever, although the cedar chests have really shrunk in size!!! I would gladly buy LANE products anyday! Thanks so much and a very Merry Christmas to you and your staff!!! Sincerely Satisfied, Lois J Fornash. I recently received a Lane Cedar Chest. I have read the postings about the recall on the lock. How to I contact The Lane Company concerning this? I tried the number listed on the web site but it is disconnected. I have a small lane chest like a small jewely box the number on the bottom is would anyone know anything about it.

I have a land cedar chest serial style ? Chest is in good shape. Can you tell me how much it maybe worth? I recently bought a lane cedar chest at an estate sale the serial is are there any experts out that there that I could send some pics to who could give me a value on this? Thank you for the help. Mod 2 3 Serial where can i get a safety for this cedar chest? I have a Lane Cedar Chest. How do I determine the age? I have a lane chest,and need to know the age and the value. The style the serial I have a lane chest and need to know the age and the value.

Thanks for the help. I just purchased a lane cedar hopechest model , can someone tell me what it is worth? It's is in excellent condition. Does anyone know what this is worth? I bought an old house and found an old Lane cedar chest model and burnt into the bottom. Inside is in excellent shape with a Certificate still attached. Outside has alittle peeling of the wood around the base but in decent shape for the most part. Does anyone know if this chest has much value? Its about 5 or 6 feet long and rather large. I believe your chest was made on October 3, Simply reverse the order of the serial number for many mid-century Lane chests.

Value depends on appraisal or what someone will actually pay at auction. Could anyone tell me the year and approx. It is in excellent condition. Anxious waiting for a reply. I have a lane cedar chest that we inherited whenever my mother-in-law past away type no.. It still has the cedar warranty stapled to the inside lid. Thank you very much for any help you can give. I've just acquired a Lane chest of drawers.

The key has been lost and I cannot open it. The style is and serial Can anyone give me any info or value?? It is the size of a dresser top jewerly or letter box. There are no other identifying marks or numbers. Anyone have any information about my gift? I have a Lane Cedar Chest with serial number Looking to find out hold old this chest is?

I have a Lane Cedar Chest with the last serial OF , can anyone tell me how i can find the age of this chest. Thank you in advance. I have my mother's Lane chest. She received it for her engagement. She was married in either or I examined the chest carefully and can find only a style It also has the original moth protection information tacked to the lid. I'm curious as to when it was manufactured and an approximate value. I was looking in the internet for a key for my cedar chest and found out there is a recall. Can you please help me find the new lock.

The only numbers I could find are on the inside door. These are us patent numbers. Its a Lane Chest, here are some of the numbers on that inside door. Please replay, Thank you Nettie Castro. My husband bought me a a Lane Hope Cheat. I would like to know if I can still order a top tray and the plaque "with love" to be signed by my husband?

Also I am trying to find out how old it is. The key is missing and is it possible to order a replacement key. I was given a wonderful cedar chest today and was trying to find out its age serial can anyone help me tell its age. I have a lane silver jubilee chest I would like to find out the value of the piece. I have two Lane end tables. Let me know if you want to buy them.

Also, I wanted to know their worth: I have a Lane Cedar Chest that I have inherited from my grandmother, style and serial number If so, what is the rough value of this chest? It has the old lock on it I'm pretty sure its the unsafe one and is in moderate condition.. It still smells very nice inside of it!!

I opened it up and it has a seal that says it was pressure tested I am trying to determine a price for my Lane Cedar chest, that I may be selling. Style Serial Thank you. My parents purchased my hope chest for me when I was It is one of my most prized possessions. I asked for it for a Christmas present, not because I wanted to get married, but because i know that it would be a way to create memories. I just wondered if you had instructions on how to replace the fabric on top.

My sis-n-law burned with an iron a few years back and I would like to replace. For those of you who have questions about the value of your lane hope chest read this: We recently purchased an old Lane Cedar Chest from a used furniture store. It has the Lane, Altvista, Va logo burned on the inside lid. There are no serial numbers anywhere on the chest.

It was white then painted black over. We have stripped it to the wood and it is solid wood, not veneer. We have the paper certifying it against moths. Any idea on how we can find out more on the age of this chest? In response to lindaj--I have a Lane cedar chest that has the same patent nos. It also has very ornate scroll carvings in the center rectangle and 2 fake scroll handles on either side of this center.

Whitewashed Cedar Chest - Faux Driftwood Top

Look underneath to find the serial no. Mine is I am guessing that this means Jan. April I do not know its worth, but I'd be interested. It says NOT to store pictures or scrapbooks in it because the cedar will ruin them. Does anyone know if this is the case with the pictures and scrapbooks of today?

I bought it to store my scrapbooks in! Inside the lid are several patient numbers.

Value of a Lane Cedar Chest

It still has original paperwork stapled inside about how to use and care for it. I have acquired a Lane Company Cedar Chest and I am interested in the date it was made and what it is worth. Style number x patient number I bought a Lane Ceder Chest recently. It has the older lock unsafe and is style Anyway of getting some extra info? I want to find out what year my chest was made. I have a 61 year old Lane cedar chest that I need to know the value of for a garage sale?

It was in great shape, but was wintered in a garage and now has some vener lifting off the front a bit. Inside is in near perfect condition. I have a cedar Lane chest. It has the original paper that certifies it as a moth-killer. Any idea of value? I am looking for information on the manufacting date of this chest. Someone told me to searched the web and I could not find anywhere a correct web site to look at. Would anybody guide me to a correct website. I have a Lane cedar chest serial November 13, This has a certified moth killer certificate.

What is this piece of furniture worth? Did it come with legs? I have a Lane cedar chest with a number: I cannot seem to find anyone who can give me a value of it and it's age. If you could please help and get back to me. We got the chest from a yard-sale so we had no information on it except those numbers listed above inscripted in the chest itself. I, too, have an old 'Lane'. It is a in absolute perfect condition I have folks interested in it - but have no idea of value Any input would be appreciated.

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