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18 Unique, Last-Minute Valentine's Date Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Other games including their very own invention, DuffleBoard, which is a cross between golf and shuffleboard. No matter what, prepare for some fun! Fran's Chocolate is a favorite stop among guests on the Chocolate Indulgence Tour. Tickets can be found available here.


Someone once said laughter is the key to a good relationship. Unexpected Productions Market Theater in an improv comedy theater, with ten shows a week Wednesday through Thursday. Comedy lovers flock to their weekend show, Seattle Theatresports, which is a short-form improv show, and the longest running show in Seattle over thirty years strong! Ride the same Ferry as the people from Grey's Anatomy do!

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The minute ferry ride takes you across Elliot Bay, with views of the Olympic Mountains to the Northwest and the city skyline to the West. Few things are as romantic as a private Hot Tub Boat rental. Thanks to innovative engineering, we can put a hot tub in a boat and float along Lake Union and Portage Bay!

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Hot Tub Boats brings luxury and relaxation together, with 2 hour rentals that can accommodate up to 6 people. Indulge with this unique experience that will be sure to impress anyone who loves the water. Fly above the clouds and take off from the water with Kenmore Air! Visit San Juan Islands. Have you ever seen Seattle from above? Kenmore Air provides scenic seaplane tours which take you soaring above the Emerald City with a twenty-minute narrated tour as you see everything from your window seat in a seaplane.

The plane takes off and lands in South lake Union, which is an exciting feat none-the-less. Other scenic tours include a Volcanic Mountain Tour around Mt.

Rainier, for those who have passions for the great outdoors. Fly away and see Seattle from a different perspective. This attraction will delight adults and children alike.

Last-minute romantic at home date ideas

Nothing like theme-park style attractions to get a night started. Wings Over Washington is located on Pier 57 on the Seattle waterfront. After flying through the skies of Seattle, go back up next door on the Great Seattle Wheel. Food Tours Signature Tour: Culinary Getaways Gourmet Kayak Expedition: Last minute date ideas in Seattle! Love is in the air. The signs are all around us.

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Thankfully, since you are not alone, we went ahead and did some research for you, and found some awesome last minute date ideas to do here in Seattle. Take a Cooking Class at Hot Stove Society A cooking class is a great way to spend quality time with the one you care about. Normally these objects are small canisters with a log to jot down your name as one of its finders.

Geocaching can lead you on some cool adventures. My boyfriend and I have found geocaches in an old drive-in movie sign, a mustache tin in the Austin SoCo district and have even stumbled into a Hispanic Heritage Festival in San Antonio on our hunt.

Which date sounds the most fun to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

For your first adventure, download the official Geocaching app and pick out an area with an abundance of treasures. Normally a beautiful park or even your college campus does the trick. Don't forget to bring water and snacks. So, check out what events your school has to offer. After all, you're only in school for so long so enjoy it while it lasts. Do any of these date ideas sound intriguing to you?

What do you have planned for your romantic holiday this year? Leave us a comment below! By Jenn - Wagner College.

last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas
last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas
last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas
last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas
last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas
last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas
last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas
last minute dating ideas Last minute dating ideas

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