Cancer woman dating a capricorn man


But all i have to say is be careful. There's always something wrong with a guy. I broke up with him because we argued about a lot of things and we disagree with different things. I'm now interested in a Aquarius man. I have read the compatibility and its says it won't work Anonymous I adore this cancer lady I am dating. She is my every dream come true in bed and out of it. After dating other women who were so sexually cold and demanding I completely found my equal with this one. Of course she has them sometimes but for the most part she is so sweet and calm that I give her my understanding.

That's all she needs to know that I try to understand her and make her feel loved. The most perfect lover and partner. These ladies know how to love. They were made for loving. No other astrological sign will compare to them. I am convinced of that after dating some aqua, virgo, sag and taurus. Anonymous Aaaww, that's so sweet. Please, keep loving her and she'll love you back a hundred times over. I'm a 28 year old cancerian female and all I want to do is have the opportunity to love someone who truly loves me.

Good luck with your relationship. Love of my LIFE by: Capricorn's primary needs are focused on work workaholism might contribute to their problems , while Cancer requires a safe and nurturing home environment, preferably near water. Recognising the need to move on is challenging for these two but once they do, things get a lot easier. They might continue together in a long-distance relationship, or they might end the romantic phase of the relationship but remain close, particularly if there are children involved.

If they aren't hampered by mutual bitterness and withholding, Cancer and Capricorn can be a model for moving on in a mature and balanced way. These signs make excellent co-parents, as they put the needs of the children first and continue to honor the family bond even if they are no longer a couple. Their strong sense of loyalty makes it hard to move on if they are parents. If they have children, they will try to hold on to the relationship. Often, this combination will stay together for the sake of the children long past the time that love is dead.

Believing that it is better for the kids, they will try hard to gloss over their feelings of betrayal and hurt, but this is not a good strategy. Most children are sensitive to undercurrents and words not spoken. The atmosphere in this home can become murky and hard to breathe in. Once they do move apart, things will improve and the children will be happier. Cancer and Capricorn easily fall into traditional gender roles.

The dependency cycle can be stereotypical, with Cancer the dependent homebody and Capricorn the breadwinner and workaholic.

Capricorn male compatibility with with Cancer woman

A Capricorn man can be cut off from his Cancer side and a Cancer woman out of touch with her Capricorn, because their relationship dynamic reinforces, and is reinforced by, traditional gender roles. He is controlling and wants kids all the time. He earns a lot of money and I am well off but his sexual needs are extreme to say the least. I disagree with this analysis. I, a Cancer female, was Ms. Responsible while my Capricorn ex was Mr. We dated for 2.

Although he was sensitive and supportive, I could not see him as a marriage partner or father because he did not seem to fulfill a lot of goals he kept telling everyone myself, fam, and friends he would. I feel for you. But when someone holds things in loke that then later blows up about it it means theydont trust you enough to tell you, meaning they dont trust you at all, meaning they dont and didnt and neer will feel close to you.

We trusted that the other person knew u cared about them so they would get hurt if u were honest with them.. He made the right decision to end it and not drag it on any further.

What Happens When a Capricorn Man and a Cancer Woman Break Up?

Unforunately that happens sometimes, you know? Everyone wants to be close to someone, and he tried to be close to you even though he felt something was wrong but he kept denying that feeling. I have been dating my 20 year old cancer woman now for over two years. The bond we have, the relationship we have, i could only wish for others to one day experience. This woman is my life.

There is nothing i wouldn do for her. You know what the best part is? We have taught eachother many things, im not only thankful but am excited to spend my life with such a woman. God bless you all, hopefully one day you will find your angel. I am a Cancer, and i have been dating my Cap for 4 years now!

We have been dating since i was 13, a month before my 14th birthday. I will Be 18 this July 13th. I was going through some tough stuff with family, and depression. Out of nowhere my Cap came to my rescue: The sex is magical, Capricorns love to be pleased and when they want it you better be ready! They are go-getters and love their work. Sometimes work comes before you.

Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

He has taught me to take my work, and school more seriously. You need to have the patience to put up with it. I put up with a lot of bullshit over the years.

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Something that used to drive me insane, and have me confused on our relationship status was us not talking for long periods of time. As a cancer i know we sometimes need someone to be there because we are very clingy but you have to give him his space.

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Just trust him he will come around and you two will never be able to be broken. The bond is magical. You might find something out that he lied about and will cause unnecessary depression, frustration and anger. Somethings are best left unknown. I ask myself why does he do the things he do?

You have to be strong for this! I hope He enjoys the movie!? Then we can cuddle under my blanket and shut out the crappy world. Ah, I love escaping my troubles with him. I love how manly and dominating he is. The love is great too. He frequently tells me he loves me and I gladly return that sentiment. We both agree that we often want to escape the world together. I like to shut out the world from my little world of love.

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Cancer woman dating a capricorn man

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