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Originally Posted by Jelly-Bean. You should be able to address the issue without being accusatory. It will also open up the discuss as to whether or not you are exclusive. Has that been discussed yet? I agree that you need to talk to him about it. Next time he shows you his messages, perhaps you could say, "I've been thinking about whether we should consider deleting our profiles so that we can focus on us. What do you think? Yeah, going to jump on the "communication" bandwagon. You two sound like you're at two completely different points, or have two different mindsets for whats going on.

Are you two just dating? Or have you decided to be mutually exclusive? If the latter hasn't happened People usually DON'T just date one person if it's casual. In his mind, this could be completely casual with you, whereas you're starting to become more invested. Also, you're upset he's still on the dating site, but Regardless of how much you're logging in, the profile is still up. So I don't get why the double standard. Originally Posted by KatZee. I hope you have good results with the big talk this weekend.

It could be nothing. He could just be checking it everyday like people check their email everyday. Originally Posted by mortensorchid. All times are GMT The time now is The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number. Contact Us - LoveShack.

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Add Thread to del. Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Curiosity got the best of me a couple weeks ago and I decided to log in. I realized that his last log in was only a couple hours earlier. I have to admit that my heart sunk a bit. He is still currently out of town and is due to return at the end of the weekend.

In the last couple days, I've checked my account twice and both times he had recent logins. He literally called within minutes of my logins. Didn't mention anything about me being online, just wanted to say hi and make sure we're still on for seeing each other next week. Keep in mind that I've been doing the online dating thing for quite some time now and am a little burned out. I was about ready to hang it up for a while but ended up meeting him right beforehand.

I'm worried that this is something new for him and he wants to explore. I can hardly blame him, I was the same at the beginning too. I'm not sure what to do. I'm ready for a long term relationship and he acts like he is too, but his online activity suggests differently. Any ideas on what he's thinking? Any ideas on how I should move forward with this?

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Share Share this post on Digg Del. Originally Posted by Maple Leaf. I think you're right. It's probably best not to check.

Does it bother you that she still visits the site? I just worry that him and I are at different stages in the dating world. I've been on enough dates over the last few years. The novelty has worn off. He definitely treats me well and shows interest daily. I guess I'll try to leave it at that.

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Thanks for the input. You know, he may have been logging on just to see if you were on the site - just like you were checking his. He already said he wanted to close his account, so I wouldn't take it to mean that he is still looking.

He may have the same doubts that you have - seeing that you still have your account open, and logging in. If I was you and I really liked this guy, I'd close my account, and tell him. If he still keeps his account active after that then I'd start to wonder. What would bother me is why he chose to make it an extended stay with his family? Why wasn't he in a rush to get back and take you out again? If I were you I would make it a bit harder to see me when he gets back. No more consecutive day dates!

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your positive outlooks.

I'd really like this relationship to work, but at the same time I don't want to get played. I honestly haven't invested much time or effort into relationships since my D. This time is feeling different, I actually feel something and don't want to get hurt. I'm finding myself finally opening up to someone. Probably looking for something that might not be there? Do you want to exclusively date this guy and see where it goes? Then you should have that conversation with him, explicitly, and it should probably involve discussing deleting the accounts.

Otherwise, you're just going to drive yourself crazy trying to read something into his online activity that may or may not be there. Gilded, I was kind of thinking the same thing. We had a such a good time together before he left in my opinion and I was a little bummed out when I found out he'd be staying an extra week. He went back to his home town, cross country. He said that he was having a great time reconnecting with friends and family.

His job is flexible and he was able to take care of some work related contacts in the area All I have to go by is what he's told me.

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I've only known the guy for a month. I can either trust him and believe what he's told me or become suspicious without really knowing him. I'd hate to be this kind of person so early into a relationship. I don't want to be that girl but at the same time want to protect my heart. I'm at stage in the game where I could still get out with relatively little damage.

I'm developing feelings for him but am starting to feel cautious. Having sex with someone else is well within the bounds of what he can still do before exclusivity talk Trust yourself, then you won't have to worry about trusting him. Just tell yourself; he likes you yes, but there's still a chance he's sleeping with others.

Q&A: How do I confront my (exclusive) partner about their being on Tinder? — Susan Winter

You need to be realistic with yourself, ya know? I agree with what you've said and I've thought about having a conversation with him. I worry that it's too early to start having serious conversations? Yes, I'm starting to develop feelings for him.

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Everything he says and does leads me to believe that he's feeling the same. I'd like to focus my time and energy on one person. I've done the juggling act of dating more than one person at a time and it really sucks. I'm done with it.

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